Blog Update 6/8/2013

Sometimes I honestly feel that my efforts are in vain. I really do. I've tried my hardest to get some dvds for review, but the process has been delayed due to wannabes trying to get in on the journalist action. It's like they're thinking to themselves, "Hey! look at that dude! He's getting free porn just for typing up reviews!". Sadly the PRs have to weed through all the fakers making the process of getting materials to legitimate journalists like myself all the more difficult. I don't blame the PRs. In fact if I were a PR in such a situation I'd be pissed. At the same time though I'd be wise enough to stick with the journalists who have proved themselves worthy in the past. Nothing can replace the hard work, and good review quality that a seasoned journalist can provide.

Onto other news ... it seems my dvd screenshots will remain. I have not been heckled again by Blogger, and their staff. This is definitely good news as I love giving you guys, and girls inside sneak peeks at what each dvd has to offer. Sure my words can breathe life into the critique of the film well enough, but nothing can replace an actual picture of a sexy performer doing what they do best. I hope that you have stayed around, because I do intend on getting back into the swing of things very soon. Dorcel's PR has informed me that my next review packet is on the way which is definitely good news. Whether, or not she included all four dvds that I requested is yet to be seen though. Aside from Dorcel interactions i'm also hoping to get back onboard with PurePlay Media. I'm patiently awaiting Ken's response, but may have to hit him up on Twitter again.

Well, that's the update for now folks. If you want to follow my adult twitter account feel free to do so. I often times retweet sexy lady pics, and words of wisdom from the industry's greatest studios/directors. Also feel free to hit me up with any questions via the email form, or my adult twitter account. I don't get many conversations on the adult side which is a pity.

"Paradise Theater XxX Headquarters"
Later Everyone!,
Brad C.


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