19 Years: After My First / 19 Ans Ma Premiere Fois (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Amateur, Roleplay, All Sex, Straight Sex, European, French

DIRECTOR: Eddie Powell


MSRP: 34.95 (EURO) / $45.95 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/fr/19-ans-ma-premiere-fois.html)

LENGTH: 1 hr 35 mins

AUDIO/VIDEO: Sadly, like other dvds before it, this particular film was misleading in that the NTSC compatibility wasn't present like it should have been. As such I was forced to sit in front of my PC in order to watch the film. This inconsistency in film format is definitely puzzling to me, and I feel it should be remedied soon otherwise potential buyers of Dorcel's European films may be eventually unwilling to actually buy dvds due to inconsistencies. As far as the quality goes it was superb as usual. The visuals were vivid in presentation, and had an engaging HD (High Definition) appearance as I always expect from a Marc Dorcel production. Even the sound was amazing. The beautiful Dorcel girls of this particular film can all be enjoyed in their fully realized/detailed visual glory, and can be heard as if they were right there in the room with you. It's the kind of quality that you'll only find with a Marc Dorcel production. Each scene within the film was displayed in a widescreen ratio that in no way took away from the overall viewing experience.

CAST: Gia Steel, Kendall Karson, Riley Reid, Chastity Lynn



In his latest film, "19 Ans Ma Premiere Fois" director Eddie Powell dares to take on a very taboo genre of adult films without ever directly acknowledging his artistic intentions/vision. This film which deals mainly with submissiveness, and temptation set in the highest degree will have any straight/bi man spent only halfway into the first scene. His chosen four ladies (Gia Steel, Kendall Karson, Riley Reid, Chastity Lynn) are all innocently portrayed , and dolled up in a fashion that reflects a truly hardcore roleplaying theme. Three of the female cast members find themselves subjected to the lusts of older men while the last girl of the lot (Kendall Karson) provides a twisted plot ending that will have viewers speaking for quite some time to come.

The show, as I'm going to refer to it begins with a knock-out performance from a very sexy rising starlet who goes by the screen name, "Gia Steel". With no verbal explanation we find the lovely Gia dressed up in a frilly, and lacy doll-like dress. It is red, and white in color and is decked out with all the trimmings including white stockings, and a matching hair bow. For those of you who are not familiar with Gia she's a lovely petite young lady with a bronze tan. Her ethnicity is not known to me, but she seems to be of mixed blood. Her raven colored hair, in this particular scene is done up in doll-like curls to match her obvious doll inspired attire. Her body is fit, trim, and slightly curvy. You'll find that she has small perky breasts, and a slightly rounded ass which adds to the overall innocent appeal that the director is trying to relay to the viewer.

The sexual portion of Gia Steel's scene takes place in a luxurious home office where an older father figure awaits her timely arrival. In a very submissive manner Gia allows this male performer (Richie) to have his every way with her once she enters his chambers, and with her every following action/reaction she shows him that she is more than willing to let him to do so. Shortly after the scene opens Gia walks slowly up to her master's desk letting him put his cigarette out on her heeled shoes before bending across the desk in front of him for examination purposes. She lets Richie grope, and squeeze her firm body as he pleases. The man's intentions are apparent as he removes Gia's panties, and begins lapping her anus as well as her pussy with his long tongue. This initiation of sorts ends up leading to a first penetration (Doggystyle) in which Gia whimpers in a pouty manner showing off a sinfully sexy facial expression as she does so.

With her doll-like clothing, and her exposed body parts ready for intrusion Gia willingly allows Richie to entertain his wanton fantasies with her body. In an expert manner she positions herself all over, and around the office desk for easier access. The two lovers end up engaging in a nice selection of position changes that take full advantage of the prop before them. At times Richie has her bent over the table pounding away at her tan pussy in rough manner. At other times he has her lying on her back, or on her side, so that he can penetrate her pussy at different angles. All views, and position changes are accented by the exceptional lighting, and the dimly lit regal room that the two performers find themselves in. In the end Gia gets down on her knees before her master, and lets him shoot his load into her open mouth. The camera focuses on Gia's face one last time as she suckles the cock before her, and pans out as she gives a lingering sly yet satisfied smile.

Riley Reid, and her older male partner Mark Ashley continue the trend of seemingly taboo content. With no verbal explanation at all we find the petite/cute Riley Reid following her newly found admirer into his home, up a flight of stairs, and finally into a master bedroom. Mark sits down on the bed looking at his prized possession anxiously as she gazes down upon the doll-like dress/outfit that was laid out for her. Taking the hint Riley gathers up the clothing articles, and heads to the nearest bathroom to change. The outfit which is mostly pink with hints of white has a faint similarity to the one that Gia had worn in the scene before. Riley, for those of you who do not know it, is also petite in stature. Her face is small, and cute which adds to the innocence stealing theme that director Eddie Powell has put into motion. Like Gia, Riley's body is slim, trim, and tight. Her breasts are small in size, and her buttocks has that cute amateur look to it. For those of you interested in hair color, Riley is sporting a curly brunette hairstyle befitting of the doll getup that she currently wears.

Mark Ashley, whom I've seen many times before in Marc Dorcel films is a rough looking older gentleman who likes his sex as equally as rough as his appearance. After Mark, and his new love interest get situated Mark does the right thing by going down on Riley first. As with the scene before Riley also plays a very submissive role giving into her lover's every desire. Laying in the missionary position with her legs drawn to her upper body Riley lets Mark lick her pussy, and her anus for a short while until he is satisfied. After the initial foreplay, Mark goes immediately into the penetrations, and does so as Riley remains in the same submissive missionary position as before. From there the two engage in every standard position imaginable (Doggystyle, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl), and even repeat a couple position changes along the way. One of the best parts of this scene involves the sloppy deepthroat blowjob that Riley gave to Mark's enormous cock. While I'm not really a fan of slobbery messes I think Riley did an excellent job. In the end she got down on her knees allowing Mark to shoot his massive load all over her chin, and her faux pearl necklace. Her ending expression was both cute, and priceless.

Chastity Lynn hails as this next scene's submissive doll. Looking to be repressed, and fearful this cute blonde haired female performer sits on her own bed with her knees drawn to her chest, and her head bowed as a male walks down the hall in her direction. This mystery man whose legs are only shown initially goes by the screen name, "Michael Vegas". In a creepy, and silent manner this younger man makes his way into Chastity's bedroom, and intrudes on her personal space. Giving a longingly pouty glance of confusion this doll-like version of Chastity who is adorned in a frilly/lacy pink and white dress reluctantly gives into the man's obvious intentions. His relation to Chastity is never revealed as no words are spoken between them. Even so the encounter is definitely more taboo in nature than not.

Like the scene before it the sex between Chastity, and her mystery man is spent entirely on the comfort of a bed. The two performers consistently switch up positions (Doggystyle, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl) taking advantage of the given prop as they do so. Often times the cameraman will focus in on Chastity's pouty expressions adding a certain naughty nature to the already forbidden fruits of the film. Like the previous two girls Chastity Lynn fits in well with the whole innocence stealing theme. I'd say that this lovely young performer would definitely do well in a Hollywood movie production if she ever dared to entertain such an idea. As for the adult side of things Chastity gave one heck of a believable performance as the doll-like obsession of a perverted fiend. After being banged six ways from Sunday this lovely lass took the thick facial cumshot like a pro, and even licked her lips cleaning them of the cum that covered her small face as the camera panned out one final time.

Twisting the plot like a hurricane, the director chose to go an entirely different route with this fourth, and final scenario. The raven haired doll of this particular scene (Kendall Karson) took on the more aggressive role, and made her desires known in a wholly unique way. After Kendall's stepbrother? (Danny Mountain) barges into her room unannounced he catches her masturbating in the process. Looking unsurprised she watches intently as Danny darts back out, and pursues him in order to keep him from denying his feelings for her. As he heads to another room in the house, and tries to masturbate his naughty thoughts away Kendall barges in like a horny beast confronting him forcefully while kissing him all up, and down his body. The two give into their taboo desires as others have done before them, and engage each other in sexual intercourse within the confines of the room Danny had taken refuge in.

The sex in this particular scene, as one might imagine was intensely passionate, and had an edge to it due to it's taboo subject matter. Like the other dolled up girls of this film Kendall looked sinfully stunning in her black, pink, and white frilly/lacy dress. Throughout the banging, the penetrations, and the position changes Kendall kept her dress mostly on leaving only her important/sexy parts exposed. The two performers were both youthful in appearance, and seeing them connect in more ways than one was a pleasantly surprising experience. Between Kendall, and Danny the two exhausted each others passions in a virtual cornucopia of positions changes including, but not limited to "Doggystyle", "Missionary", and "Cowgirl". The ending cumshot, which was was surprisingly disappointing showed Danny shooting his wad on Kendall's pink pussy. It's not particularly a favorite cumshot of mine, to say the least. Even so, it was not that bad of a scene, overall.


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Eddie Powell, the director of this taboo oriented film definitely surprised me. The title alone did not seem to convey what this feature was really about. As puzzling as that was to me I found each of the four included scenes to be thoroughly enjoyable to watch. The girls were gorgeous, and being dolled up like they were made them even more sexy than before. The plot which was an underlying taboo plot was obviously meant to strike a spark with the audience. It definitely held my undivided attention, to say the least. As I mentioned earlier on in the review any straight/bi man would have been spent early into the first scene. In that sense the film is definitely rich in content. Normally I'd suggest to directors not to venture into such risky four scene productions, but Eddie did well enough with the film material he provided that I can easily overlook giving such a statement. In the end, with everything considered, I'd highly suggest at least watching this film on one of Dorcel's online services (www.dorcelclub.com). In my honest opinion though it is definitely worth buying if you have the money to do so!



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