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Hi Ladies & Gents!

I know it's been quite a while since my last review. As such I thought it would be an appropriate time to explain the delays. As a solo reviewer/journalist it is up to me, and me alone to provide the reviews for the products that I receive. Normally this would be an easy task for me, but some family issues have arisen lately which have not allowed me to keep the usual flow of reviews coming. All I can say about the family issues is that they involve moving family members to new homes. It's been a truly daunting task which has caused me to have little time at all to myself. Once things slow down enough I will try my hardest to get back to my routine reviewing schedule. If, for some reason I'm unable to do so I may have to drop this blog altogether though.

I want all of you to know that I appreciate your support, and that I have noticed the spike in page views recently. A blog is nothing without it's loyal readers. If I'm unable to keep your attention then there's little need to continue on though. If you feel I should stick around for the long haul, and don't mind the occasional hiccup between reviews feel free to let me know (via the comment option). It has always been my goal to bring attention to all the latest, and greatest adult talent out there. Whether it be the directors, the studios, or the performers themselves I believe that they all deserve some attention/support for their hard work. I have been into porn for many years, and have followed it's many changes throughout time. What the industry offers now is more worth your time, money, and attention than it has ever been before. There are numerous studios trying out new things to entertain their loyal fans. I hope, in the end that I'm able to continue bringing you reviews on these latest releases, and products. If all goes well I may even venture into reviewing new types of adult products in the weeks, months, and possibly years to come.

If you're up for a proper chat you can find me any time on either of my Twitter accounts (@OtakuDante & @ParadiseTripleX). I frequent Twitter often, so chances of catching me there are good. If you want to talk adult stuff though please use my (@ParadiseTripleX) account. The other account is for my gaming blog followers, and readers. Some of them are underage, so I want to keep things clean on that account. With that being said if you want to talk gaming topics feel free to do so. I'm an avid PS3, and Xbox 360 gamer who often times games with Twitter friends/followers.

Before I go I should mention that I actually managed to get half of my "Squirtmania 29" review posted yesterday, and sshould have the rest of the review typed up soon. Once it's posted I'll tweet the link to the usual (@ParadiseTripleX) account. Thanks once again for your support! Remember to keep it sexy Ladies & Gents!

"Brad Worn Out"

- Brad (OtakuDante) -


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