Cirque Du Hole-A (Seymore Butts)

GENRE: Anal, Straight Sex, Blowjobs, Group Sex, Threesomes

DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Seymore Butts / Pure Play Media

MSRP: $21.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs 39 mins

AUDIO/VIDEO: When it comes to the audio in this dvd I found it to be a bit raw. It was more like I was listening to a home video than a proper porn production. I think that was Seymore's preference though. The video quality also seemed to reflect a more raw presentation. At times the footage, and outlines of the performer's bodies looked pixelated giving the video a less than HD appearance. At other times, during the main focal points, the video actually looked professionally edited though. All of the scenes shown were displayed in a widescreen ratio that in no way took away from the overall viewing experience.

CAST: Cece Stone, Mari Possa, Jayda Diamonds, Riley Evans, Phoenix Marie, Joslyn James, Jada Stevens



Imagine if you will a sexual circus filled with tons of anal pleasuring. This is basically the setup for Seymore Butt's latest dvd presentation. As the title suggests this dvd is all about anal oddities, and sexual encounters which are presented in a fun circus-like manner. You'll see girls/women of all kinds performing outrageous anal feats mixed with the straight sex goodness that most porn enthusiasts enjoy. All of the penetrations portrayed throughout the presentation are condom free. It's a nice piece of info for those who are curious about such things. Each scene in the dvd plays out in a similar, yet very different way. As each scene opens up a digital time of day will appear followed by a brief skit showing Seymore walking around his lavish property while filming the sexy couples he encounters there. There are plenty of well endowed men, and women who all display an insatiable lust which they unleash right before Seymore's camera.

The first sexual encounter takes place shortly after Seymore returns home from an errand he discussed as the scene began. He had left a friend at home, and told him he'd be back shortly. Upon stepping back into the house Seymore catches his male friend, and Riley Evans playing "Cock Ring Toss". Seymore's friend is literally standing in the middle of the living room area half naked (with a massive erection) while Riley tries her hardest to land large rings on his cock. It definitely suits the whole circus theme of the dvd. After joking around a bit with Seymore, and continuing on with their playful antics the couple finally decides to get serious. Riley starts things off properly by sucking, and deepthroating her partner's cock in a hardcore fashion. She even tosses his salad for a while which I honestly didn't care for seeing. From there they move into the anal sex which is mostly done on a nearby chair. The camera angles, as you can likely imagine focus more on Riley's anal penetrations, and less on Riley herself. Some views such as the ones capturing Riley while she rode her partner's cock in an anal cowgirl/reverse cowgirl position were more enjoyable to watch as you could see more of Riley's body. Looking back the scene honestly seemed to be a compilation of three sexual encounters. The video would cut out, and the two performers would be in a different position. At times the male performer's cock would appear limp as well. I figured this splicing of film was a way to make the scene seem longer than it actually was. In the end the man of the scene shot one of the thickest multi-loads I've ever seen in porn, directly into Riley's open mouth. She follows up with a brief suck-off letting the jism drip off her chin. It was an excellent way to end a very noteworthy scene.

Once again we find Seymore wandering his property with obvious intentions. This time around Seymore is searching for his dog Bubbles who has conveniently escaped somewhere on the premises. During his search he heads outside to the pool area where he notices his bald male friend resting on some nearby patio furniture. He inquires about Bubble's whereabouts before noticing an incoming girl. Joslyn James joins the bald gentleman with a basket full of large vegetables. Gee, I wonder what the vegetables could be for? As you can imagine Seymore films these two interesting performers as they use an odd variety of fresh veggies to anally pleasure one another. For a majority of the scene Joslyn sits on a reclining patio chair, bent in half as her male partner shoves cucumbers, a squash, and a tomato in both of her holes. The sexual display is somewhat intriguing, but goes a little overboard when Joslyn decides to shove the small tomato up her asshole. I found this act to be visually nasty, especially since it showed brown anal juice flow down her crack as she crapped the small tomato back out. When the sex finally began it wasn't much better. There was some cocksucking that was mildly interesting, and the penetrative sex was alright. When it got to the point when Joslyn was shoving a cucumber up her male partner's ass though it was quite a disturbing turn of events. Not to mention the fact that the final cumshot was a waste since it landed on the inside of the man's leg. WTF Seymore!?

Continuing on with the anal antics we find a pair of buff girls (Cece Stone & Jada Stevens) doing some outdoor exercises on Seymore's larger than life property. A black male shows up telling the two ladies of the scene that he's headed out for some donuts. After his departure they decide to head inside for god knows what? It turns out that these youthful looking girls are interested in a more thorough workout. As Seymore eventually happens up into the bedroom they are in he sees exactly what they are up to. For some reason, or another These girls want to stretch out their assholes a bit, and they do so by inserting large anal toys into their rectum right before Seymore's camera. I guess you could say that they were indeed reaming themselves a new one. Shortly after inquiring about the girls activities, and helping them out a bit Seymore gets to see the black male return to the girls with a sack full of donuts. Surprisingly the sex begins when this man removes a cream filled donut from the bag, and squeezes the creamy content of the pastry onto each girls' exposed pussy. Following this food fetish act the man then proceeds to lick each girl clean. The girls obviously enjoy the treat as they writhe in ecstasy during the ordeal.The sex that follows is vaguely interesting in that there are only three position changes. For a majority of the scene the two girls are vaginally, and anally penetrated in the missionary position as they lay on their backs upon a bed. Some brief doggystyle, and spooning follows soon after. I think the highlight of this scene was the girls energetic moans of excitement. It was enough to send any man watching into a full-on erection.

This final scene which featured a femdom rich trio of ladies ranks up in my "Top 10 WTF Porn Moments". The scene itself actually begins in pretty much the same manner as the other scenes have with a time frame update, and a little skit involving Seymore, and his performers. The skit this time around included some social media antics. It seems that Phoenix Marie had some beef with two of her playmates, and tweeted them via Twitter about the matter. In the tweet she mentions that she is coming over to pay Mari Possa, and Jayda Diamonds a visit. Seymore lets the girls in on the upcoming surprise visit, and in response the two girls go wild running around the property half naked with a bunny, and fox butt plug hanging out their bums. If that weren't wacky enough the girls continue with their wild antics until Phoenix Marie finally catches up to them singing "Little Bunny Foo Foo" while carrying a "Drildo". You heard me right. This odd sexual contraption, otherwise known as a "drildo" consists of a RYOBI battery powered drill, and a lengthy dildo drill bit. While it was obvious that it was Phoenix's intention of dealing out punishment with this device she opts for some other femdom techniques before finally administering drildo justice. Among these techniques were anal dildo penetrations, foot worship, and self-pleasuring via a pogo stick dildo toy. Close to the end of the scene Phoenix Marie even did a little face sitting before finally allowing the girls to return the favor. This scene, in it's entirety was exciting yet extremely odd. I loved seeing the girls having fun, and for the most part it was enjoyable to watch.


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This was actually my very first viewing of a "Seymore Butts" production. I expected tons of anal sex as it goes along with the brand name, but honestly some of the sex was so visually nasty that it was hard to enjoy. One scene in particular, the one with Joslyn James in it was over-the-top nasty. Seeing her crap out a baby tomato over, and over again made me sick. The fact that anal juices were flowing out didn't help things out much either. It would have been fine with out that visually disturbing display. Aside from that I did find some things worthwhile in this dvd. The first scene with Riley Evans was hands down the best on the dvd. The little skit about the "Cock Ring Toss", and the sex itself were very enjoyable to watch. Riley even spent some quality time showing off her oral sex skills. This in itself made the scene noteworthy. The fact that she took one of the hugest loads I've ever seen in porn directly into her open mouth was icing on the cake.

The third scene with the cream donut bit was alright in it's own way as well. The two female performers in that scene weren't exactly the most attractive out of the lot, but their performance were so energetic that it was catchy. The last scene on the other hand was so random, and crazy that I didn't know what to think at first. It was truly one of those "WTF!?" moments. With that being said though both Mari Possa's, and Jayda Diamonds' playful performances were exciting enough to get any straight/bi-sexual man watching rock hard. I think lesbians, and female bi-sexuals may even enjoy this scene. All in all this dvd was just alright. It's not a blockbuster by any means, but if you are looking for something new, and exciting it's worth a rent. I'd just skip past the vegetable scene.

VERDICT: Rent It!!!


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