Tonight's Girlfriend vol.11 (Naughty America)

GENRE: Prostitution, Straight Sex, Call Girls

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Naughty America / Pure Play Media

MSRP: $24.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2+ hrs

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio setup for this dvd was quite nice. I used an HDTV, and the realistic sounds that came from the speakers made it seem as if I were there in the room with each girl. The picture wasn't quite as nice though (720p instead of 1080p) since I had to resort to using my Xbox 360 as a dvd player. I actually had issues with the disc playing properly as well (both my dvd player & Xbox 360), and encountered some serious stuttering during the viewing. The distributor has told me before that some discs can be defective from the mass production, but that they will replace the dvd if that is the case. It's a good thing to note when ordering adult dvds online. Overall I think the combined audio, and video quality makes for a very pleasurable viewing experience.

CAST: Jessica Jaymes, Audrey Bitoni, Madison Ivy


SCENE 1: Jessica Jaymes

Jessica Jaymes is a very lovely lady. She definitely has a lot going for her physically. Her body is physically fit, and firm. She also has a fun loving personality which is a huge plus. One thing that immediately caught my attention about Jessica was the fact that she was a dark haired girl. I absolutely love brunettes. Sure it's a personal preference, but I find often times in porn that the dark haired girls usually outperform the blonde female performers in many areas. It is what it is. Something else I noticed aside from Jessica's obvious hair color was her face, and her body which were both very beautiful. Her body had an amber tan, and she had a nice healthy appearance about her. I'm sure you guys are probably wondering about her other assets, and I can assure that she is a truly blessed woman in the chest, and buttocks area. I could go on for a while about Jessica's sexy looks, but the main focus of the scene is not that. Let us move on.

As usual the Naughty America director follows Jessica as she meets up for a prearranged sexual encounter. Like clockwork she arrives at an undisclosed location which happens to be the typical hotel room. Her male acquaintance meets her at the door, and the two of them pretty much get right down to business. The man of the scene is an obvious no BS sort of guy, and hands over the required payment in the form of folded one hundred dollar bills. Jessica seems to take the hint that the guy isn't interested in any small talk, so she takes the cash, and preps herself for sex. The man of the scene has obviously thought the evening out thoroughly as he has a French maids outfit lying in wait for Jessica. She obliges the man's request of wearing the costume, and goes about as if she were cleaning the apartment. It was obvious to me that the man had some fetish issues, and this became more evident as the scene unfolded.

The sexual encounter began shortly after the French maid roleplaying in the living room area. From there the couple engaged in multiple position changes, and foreplay as they made their way across all the rooms of the apartment. The man was definitely not lying when he said that he liked to keep things going for the long haul. In fact I think out of all the "Tonight's Girlfriend" girls I've seen perform thus far Jessica definitely stood out as the most hard working. She definitely earned her money with all the fetish sex, bondage, roleplay, and rough sex that she had to endure. For those of you interested in position changes they did all of the basic ones. There were variations of cowgirl, as well as doggystyle included. If I remember correctly the man even penetrated Jessica in the missionary position. What made the sex most interesting though was the intermittent cocksucking sessions that took place at random times throughout the scene. Usually you won't see that much oral sex, but it was a nice touch regardless. Even the finish was pleasantly surprising in that Jessica allowed the man to come in her open mouth. It's a finish I definitely like to see, but one that most porn stars will shy away from. Overall the scene was amazing. I honestly didn't like how awkward the man was though. He's what someone would describe as a creep.

SCENE 2: Audrey Bitoni

This was a very interesting, and enjoyable scene. Unlike most of the scenes where the ladies are paired would with some well-to-do prick Audrey was lucky enough to get paired up with a 23 year old emo guy. The added fact that the guy's father was treating his son to this extra special arrangement, and the fact that the guy was genuinely nervous added to the likeability factor of the scene. Both Audrey, and her male acquaintance had great chemistry. In fact they hit it off so well that Audrey seemed to actually be falling in love with the young man before the scene was over. I guess what I'm getting at is it had that "love" factor about it that a lot of porn these days doesn't display. It felt more human, if you will.

As far as Audrey Bitoni is concerned she is an extremely beautiful young looking lady with a nice pair of large breasts. Like the lady before her Audrey is also a brunette which is always a plus in my eyes. When it comes to nationality, or race it was difficult for me to tell, but if I were a guessing man I'd say that Audrey is of Latin descent. Regardless of whether or not that is true, she definitely has some amazing physical features (a lovely tan, buxom body, pretty face ...) making her one of my new favorites. Looking back I cannot believe I've never heard of Audrey. Moving on though ...

The sex in this scene is definitely the best I've seen in a long while. I had initially expected the nervous gentleman to perform poorly due to his shy nature, but surprisingly he did very well. I could see that Audrey was enjoying every moment of his porn star quality pounding. I think the greatest thing about this scene other than the frequent position changes (cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, doggystyle ...), and the fact that Audrey applied coconut oil to the man's cock before sucking it off was that both people involved seemed to genuinely enjoyed each others company. It felt like a mutual experience instead of one partner leading the other. Audrey was very sweet in her actions, and it showed through in her performance. I really liked it when she sang the happy birthday song to the guy before blowing on his candle. This is definitely by far one of the best scenes I've reviewed in my online journalism career!

SCENE 3: Madison Ivy

Madison Ivy is the most unique looking lady out of this selection of girlfriends. She has an exotic look about her that is definitely different from any other female performer out there. As far as features go she has some serious curves. Her breasts are large, and seem to be augmented. Like the other girls on the disc Madison is also sporting a full body tan. Her hair color on the other hand was hard for me to determine. I couldn't tell if she was a dark sandy blonde, or a brunette. Regardless of the hair color Madison was certainly one sexy lady. Her whole demeanor, and approach the the call girl situation was truly classy. She knew how to take care of her client, and that's exactly what she did.

This time around the man in question was a musclebound Madison Ivy fanboy who had arranged his fantasy before she ever arrived. The gentleman had a set of evening clothes for Madison, and their mock dinner date. At first I actually thought that they were going to go out for dinner, but seeing the camera stay focused on the closed apartment door for only a brief moment change that perspective. According to the man of the scene his fantasy was to take Madison out on a dinner date, and return for some "wild sex". The dinner date never did really happen, but the wild sex most certainly did. After returning to the room, and changing into some more appropriate clothing, Madison joined her male partner for some sex around the apartment.

At first the two lust birds hit it hard in front of the bedroom window. Madison was in the doggystyle position facing the window while she was being pounded hard by her gentleman partner. There was a brief, but awkward moment that happened during this engagement where Madison's propped up leg almost caused her to lose balance. Luckily the two maintained composure, and continued on with their sexual encounter. One of the more impressive highlights of the scene was the part when the man had Madison lie upon the dining room table as he penetrated her in the doggystyle, and missionary positions. It was a risky, but sexy display. I was glad to see that the table was sturdy enough to hold Madison up properly. Aside from those two interactions the rest of the sex was equally as enjoyable to watch. From time to time Madison would stop to suck cock, or even allow the man to titty fuck her. The constant switching of positions, and alternate stimulation methods definitely kept things fresh. In the end, after what seemed like an hour long sexual marathon, Madison took a cumshot straight to the mouth. Afterwards she did her routine clean-up, and left the apartment with a new dress, and shoes compliments of her newly found acquaintance. It was a nice finish to a nice scene!


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I think 'Naughty America' hit triple run home run with this volume of "Tonight's Girlfriend". For three scenes worth of content the studio's risk definitely paid off. All of the girls, and their male partners were amazing, with the exception of the first guy who seemed to be a bit of a creep. I absolutely loved the girls' performances. They kept things both professional, and fun throughout the lengthy viewing. If I had to choose a favorite though it would be scene two, and Audrey Bitoni. Audrey Bitoni was outstanding in this volume of "Tonight's Girlfriend". I felt that the chemistry between her and that 23 year old emo was perfect. I could tell that Audrey was totally enjoying herself, and it made the viewing all the more enjoyable. The fact that the emo male was gifted Audrey's company for the night by his father made the scene even more sexy. Jessica Jaymes, and Madison Ivy also had their shining moments, but for me it was definitely Audrey that was the star of this dvd. As far as recommending this dvd goes, it's a "Must Have!!!" in my book. For $25 plus tax you are getting one heck of an adult film/dvd.

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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