New Chicks (Josh Stone Productions)

GENRE: Amateurs, Legal Teens, Interracial, Straight Sex

DIRECTOR: Josh Stone

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Josh Stone Productions Inc.

MSRP: $28.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 3 hrs.

AUDIO/VIDEO: This Josh Stone production is quite the experience. Both the visuals, and the audio reflect the HD (High Definition) label claim that accompanies the dvd. The color is vivid, and honestly seems less like a European production. Even so it is still obvious that the shootings were foreign in nature. There are plenty of foreign locales shown throughout the dvd presentation, as well as plenty of foreign performers who each have their own unique accents. The fact that Josh Stone opted to have a more modern music soundtrack made things a heck of a lot better. I for one am growing tired of retro porn music, so hearing something more modern, and upbeat is definitely a plus. Each scene within this dvd presentation is displayed in a widescreen ratio that in no way takes away from the viewing experience.

CAST: Giulana Star, Jadis Spades, Kelsey Jones, Lilly Hall, Sasha Starr


SCENE 1: Lilly Hall

After glancing over the "New Chicks" dvd cover it became obvious to me that this was going to be an interracial feature. There were girls of a variety of racial backgrounds as well as men. I have no issues with interracial sex, but going into the viewing I also had no idea what kind of performers would be involved. Surprisingly the girl in the first scene was actually an Israeli female named Lilly Hall. Very rarely will you see a performer of such an ethnic background in a porn production. It's almost a taboo thing. The fact that she got paired up with an older man who looked to be of middle eastern descent also made the pairing all the more unusual. Regardless of this odd situation the scene played out very well, and was most definitely one of the better amateur scenes I've ever watched.

As the scene began the camera followed the youthful looking Lilly through what seemed to be a modern day middle eastern food market. Some modern music played in the background as she ventured up to a food stand, and requested a chocolate milkshake from the vendor. Sitting there for a moment to enjoy her cool treat Lilly casually took in the scenery as an older gentlemen who could easily pass as a Barrack Obama look-alike sat down on a stool not far from her. Lilly abruptly gets up after sipping on the milkshake a few times, and begins strolling down the sidewalk not knowing that the creepy old man decided to follow her. What begins to appear as possible abduction situation in progress soon turns into an interesting sexual encounter as Lilly, and her newly found companion make their way back to his place after a mutual decision.

Arriving at their destination the odd couple makes their way into an extravagant bathroom with a porcelain bathtub ready for the Lilly's use. Without even the suggestion that she get's into the tub, Lilly offers to do so on her own as she strips the clothing from her body. The old gentleman gets an eyeful as he sits close by watching Lilly swish around in the shallow bathtub water. She quickly invites the man to join her, but ends up starting things off by giving the man a deep blowjob. The BJ session lasts for a good while with the man eventually stripping all of his clothes off, and joining her in the tub. Following this erotic display the two newly met companions join each other in a nearby bedroom where the man returns the foreplay gesture to his female partner. The sex from that point on takes a hardcore turn as Lilly gets pounded in various positions (doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spooning) by the man's massive cock. In the end the man erupts his semen all over Lilly's. She savors the final moment sucking the man's cock off one last time.

SCENE 2: Kelsey Jones

Continuing on with the unusual plot setups, Josh Stone gives us one of the most awkwardly exciting sex scenes I've ever scene. In this particular scene we find an under dressed Kelsey Jones leaving a local food mart that seems to be located in a very bad neighborhood. She waltzes over to a portion of sidewalk which has a graffiti decorated wall in the background, and begins to enjoy her licorice stick snack. Looking sexy biting on the red licorice this out of place girl then takes out a box of chalk from her miniature grocery bag, and begins to draw some graffiti of her own on the sidewalk. Taking notice of her vandalism deed a nearby patron decides to confront the innocent looking girl, and punish her for her crime.

The muscular brute of a man grabs Kelsey by the arm, and leads her into his own private trailer. Once there he sits her on the bed, and continues to drill her about her chalk art. Kelsy, at this time is looking rather frightened about the whole ordeal, and repeats several times over that she did not mean to do anything wrong. During their one-sided discussion the black male tries his best to take a peek at Kelsey's breasts by stretching out the top of her shirt. Soon he demands that she take the shirt off, and she does so immediately. Seeing this scene play out I had initially thought this was going to be some sort of a forced sex scene, and got worried for a second. Thankfully though it became obvious that it was Kelsey's intention all along to get banged by the burly man. Asking him if this is what he wanted as a payment for her crime, Kelsey strips down to nothing but knee socks, and joins the man on his bed. Kelsey revels in the man's brute attention, and smiles often as she rides his monstrous cock. The two engage in a small variety of position changes including doggystyle, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl as the scene plays out. In the end Kelsey receives one of the most pitiful facial cumshots in the history of porn. I had expected so much more from a man with a large cock, but unfortunately Kelsey was cheated.

SCENE 3: Jadis Spades

Once again the creepy old black male from scene number one returns to seduce another young lady with his enormous manhood. As the scene opens we find the seemingly dazed Jadis Spades walking along a boat dock towards the edge of the pier. Meanwhile, close by the previously mentioned gentleman has tied off his boat, and is making his way up the boat dock walkway in the opposite direction that Jadis is heading. The two eventually cross paths, and it's obvious that this youthful ebony starlet has caught the creeper's attention as he does a double take shortly after walking past her. In his usual manner the man follows his female target, and convinces her to follow him to his current residence.

Jadis, and the creepy old man find pleasure in each other's company after arriving at a local hotel room. They start off hot, and heavy with some one-sided foreplay compliments of Jadis herself, and move onto other things as the scene progresses. She sucks, and blows on the man's massive cock for quite a while at the beginning of the scene before finally allowing him to return the favor. After some brief pussy licking from her male companion the two spend lengthy amounts of time bumping pelvises in a small variety of sexual positions. As usual the girl of the scene, Jadis gets to ride the enormous cock in both the reverse cowgirl, and cowgirl positions before getting into the more interesting poses. She eventually bends over to allow the man to do her doggystyle about 20 minutes into the scene. If memory serves me well I believe they also engaged in the missionary, and spooning position sometime between the beginning, and the end. There definitely seemed to be an obvious position change pattern going on with the leading male performer. In the end Jadis received a nice thick load of cum on her closed mouth. She showed her glazed face off to the camera one last time before it faded into the next scene ending the sexual encounter on a good note.

SCENE 4: Guilana Starr

At this point in the viewing it has become apparent to me that Josh Stone is alternating between two different male performers. He has the creepy older gentleman who stalks young girls, and the man of this scene who happens to be the muscular black man from scene two. Thankfully the muscular man did not roleplay using the same personality as the creepy guy did. He actually seemed more likeable this time around, and displayed some humanitarian qualities. The fact that he questioned the lovely Guilana Starr as to why she would walk through that part of town alone every day showed that he had some heart about him which was cool. After the man confronts Guilana she surprises the seemingly kind construction worker telling him that her stepfather isn't at home. She even asks the stranger if he'd like to come home with her (FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SACRED DO NOT DO THIS FOR REAL READERS!!!). After agreeing to her invitation the two head on over to Guilana's place for some sex.

The scene quickly switches focus to the strange couple as they begin to get busy in the Guilana's bedroom. The male performer sizes the latino lass up by groping her, smacking her thick ass, and sucking on her nipples. This set of physical gestures is soon followed by a proper cock sucking compliments of Guilana. The blowjob session seems to last for a good while as it has in every scene thus far. The following penetrations, and position changes also play out in a similar manner leaving the viewer to struggle through a copycat performance. Ultimately the two lovers bang away in the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary positions before the man finally reaches his limit. In the end the male performer surprises me by shooting a decent sized load of sperm onto Guilana's waiting face. At least the finish, and the BJ sesion were alright.

SCENE 5: Sasha Starr

Well, it seems that Josh Stone saved the best scene for last. It's a pity that he couldn't make all the scenes this great. Anyways, let's move on. In scene number five The camera focuses on Sasha Starr as she sits by a tropical lake fishing for leisure. Not far off behind her sits a black man on a park bench observing her innocent activities. This black man, as you may have already guessed played in a few of the previous scenes, and no, it was not the creep. After gazing long enough on the petite beauty that is Sasha, The muscle bound man makes his way up to her, and has a muted conversation likely asking her to join him at his place. The two then walk to, and get in a parked car where the obvious intentions are confirmed through a brief conversation. Sasha, and her catch of the day head back to his place for some casual sex.

After arriving at the place the two head upstairs to the second floor which is a rather cramped area with a king, or queen sized bed. The man sizes Sasha up as he usual does with all of his female acquaintances. He gropes her body a little as well as sucks on her large breasts before getting down, and dirty. What sets this scene apart from the others though is the fact that there is no persistent in-your-face rear end close-ups blocking the lovely full body view of the girl. Not only that, but the two lovers in this scene switch positions several times keeping things interesting as they do so. The highlights of the scene for me were the sexy doggystyle, and spooning positions. It really showed off Sasha's body, and allowed for better viewing of her face as the penetrations were taking place. I also liked the fact that the pair revisited some positions later on. Overall it was a very impressive scene. The ending cumshots were quite nice as well. Sasha actually received a load to her breasts, and to her face in the end.


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During my viewing of Josh Stone's "New Chicks" I found several things that bothered me, and only a few things that I liked. With that being said the selection of girls was probably this dvd's strong point. All of the amateur ladies featured were absolutely gorgeous in their own unique ways. Their performances on the other hand were dulled for the most part by a poor selection of camera angles, and camera angles that seemed to linger in one position for too long. I don't mind seeing the rear end view of a girl, but for a camera to focus on that view for as long as it did in the scenes featured here only takes away from the possibility of better views being shown. There were a couple of good scenes that did end up catching my attention though.

The first scene with Lilly Hall was very interesting in that you usually don't see Israeli performers in porn. Not only that, but Lilly looked beautiful. The second scene that I found to be noteworthy was the last one. It was hands down the best scene of the dvd. The position changes, and different camera angles kept things interesting, thoroughly. As for the male cast members go they didn't look bad, but their roleplaying was horrible. I honestly think that the creepy older man was the worst though. I should also mention that this dvd relays some very bad messages for the more gullible viewers out there. Going out with strangers, and inviting them to your house for a sexual encounter is definitely not a wise idea. When it comes to a recommendation I'm going to have to go with a resounding "Rent It!!!". The dvd has enough good points to warrant a viewing, but nothing more.

VERDICT: Rent It!!!


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