My Naughty Massage 2 (Naughty America)

GENRE: Massage, Straight Sex

DIRECTOR: Not Credited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Naughty America / Pure Play Media

MSRP: $24.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs 19 mins

AUDIO/VIDEO:The audio in this dvd presentation seemed to vary in volume according to the scene that was being shown. Some scenes were louder than others for some reason. Another thing I noticed was that the audio almost seemed to be of unedited studio quality at times. It had an echoing effect in a couple of the scenes. As far as the video is concerned it was excellent. The picture was crisp, and vivid. It looked as if it were HD (High Definition) in quality. Each scene was displayed in a widescreen ratio that in no way took away from the overall viewing experience.

CAST: Kristina Rose, Evelyn Lin, Aleska Nicole, Jacky Joy, Krissy Lynn


SCENE 1: Krissy Lynn

Scene number one opens up with a legitimate plot in progress. We see James Deen walking up to the front door of a rich looking estate as he is talking over the phone. The brief phone conversation with his friend explains why he is headed where he heading, and gives the scene a proper opening in the process. It seems that the estate that James is walking up to is home to a professional masseuse who tends to clients on a regular basis. It turns out that this lovely lady, otherwise known as Krissy Lynn has been expecting James' arrival, and welcomes him as he enters the building. Upon entering the establishment James is cordially greeted by his female host, and the two get right down to business. Krissy keeps things professional as she requests that James removes his clothes, and directs him to lie face down on the massage table. With his bottom half covered up Krissy gets busy massaging out James' groin muscles as requested. With each pass of her hand Krissy comes ever closer to touching James' manhood. It's obvious at this point that her intentions are anything, but professional. As one could imagine the innocent massage quickly turns into a highly erotic encounter once James becomes aware of her actions.

After stating the obvious ("I'm Horny"), Krissy quickly tends to James' cock by giving him a very sexy blowjob. This in turn leads to the usual penetrations, and position changes. Most of the sex within the scene takes place on top of the massage table as it gives both performers a good platform to perform on. As for as switching positions frequently goes both James, and his masseuse do so often. At first the pair does a brief '69' on the table top, and move into other positions like cowgirl, missionary, and even doggystyle as the scene advances. In the end Krissy takes three very thick cumshots into her open mouth compliments of James Deen. As expected she quickly spits the gooey mess out before the scene ends. Overall it was a nice scene with a very nice finish!

SCENE 2: Jacky Joy

Surprisingly scene two features a sort of role reversal. Instead of featuring a female masseuse this time the massage expert is Mick Blue. Mick has been waiting very patiently for a young couple to arrive at his parlor's doorsteps, but ends up being greeted by only the girlfriend. Jacky Joy (the girlfriend) does her best to explain her predicament through a very detailed, and lengthy conversation. The conversation ends up lasting from the time she enters in her robe until the time she gets sexually involved with Mick. The conversation between her, and Mick during this time is kept interesting enough that it doesn't bore the viewer to death. In fact I think it enhances the scene quite nicely with the naughty bits that are shared. As with the first scene Jacky lies down face first on the massage table with only her bottom half covered. Mick spends some quality time oiling her back, and buttocks before Jacky gets all hot, and bothered. In a very abrupt manner Jacky lets Mick know of her lustful intentions by rubbing his crotch after he got finished massaging very close to her's. Mick suggests that she lie on her back, and let him continue with his massage, but this continual treatment only lasts for a very short while before the two strangers give into the lustful situation.

While Mick is massaging Jacky's breasts, and pussy with oil she takes it upon herself to unzip his fly, and begins sucking on his massive cock. Following the oral gesture the couple then gets into the more hardcore sexual penetrations. As with the first scene the couple ends up enjoying most of their sexual encounter on the massage parlor table. Mick, being the tall man that he is is able to penetrate Jacky in the missionary position as he is standing beside the table. This variation adds a decent visual variety for the viewer to enjoy. For the cock riding, and the spooning though the two join each other on top of the table allowing for more comfortable, and mutually enjoyable sex. In the end, after some doggystyle Mick has Jacky arch her ass up in the air so that he can shoot his load inbetween her crack. That is exactly what he ends up doing too. The gooey load oozes down her butthole, and rests on her pussy. The two lovers share a final converation, and laugh before ending the scene.

SCENE 3: Kristina Rose

Mick Blue returns yet again to dish out his own special form of massage therapy. As the scene opens up we see Mick standing at the bottom of a staircase near a massage table waiting for his female customer to get off the phone. It becomes evident with each passing moment that Mick is growing tired of Kristina Rose's stalling, and tries his hardest to get her to put down the phone. Eventually Kristina ends her conversation, and joins Mick for an extremely sexy full body massage. Mick begins work on her back applying oil as he does so, and works his way all the way down to her feet in a gradually slow progression. After he is finished with the foot massage he has Kristina turn over, and begins tending to her front side. When he reaches her pelvic region his hands, and fingers venture into an area that is usually off limits during a professional massage. This area that I speak of is none other than Kristina's pussy. She writhes with ecstacy as Micks's fingers caress her lady parts. It is obvious at this point that Kristina is thoroughly enjoying this erotic encounter as she gives wholly into Mick's groping hands. Taking the hint of Mick's obvious advances Kristina engages him in sexual intercourse atop of the massage parlor table.

The sex begins as it should with some foreplay from both parties involved. Mick mans up, and goes first arousing Kristina's inner passion as he licks her pussy ever so gently. Kristina tenses up from the oral sex, and releases her pent up arousal in the form of multiple orgasms. Afterwards she returns the favor giving Mick a very sexy blowjob. When the foreplay is over both Mick, and Kristina engage each other in a few different sexual positions. The first position they participate in is the cowgirl position. It lasts only a brief while, and is done on top of the massage table. Next Kristina positions herself for some doggystyle by getting on all fours atop the table, and arches her back for better access. Mick takes full advantage of the position, and pounds away at her rear side for about as long as the first position had lasted. Finally Mick has Kristina turn over on her back upon the table so that he can penetrate her in the missionary position. After going at it for a short while Mick positions himself over Kristina's chest in the kneeling position, and shoots his load right into her mouth. This is all done while the two are still on top of the table adding something noteworthy to the already impressive display. It was definitely an awesome finish, for an equally awesome scene!

SCENE 4: Evelyn Lin

What would a massage porn dvd be without the cliche naughty Asian masseuse? Well, Naughty America answers that with their own special Asian hottie, Evelyn Lin, and her "Special" massage. As scene number four opens up we see Evelyn greeting a very clueless gentleman whose only intention is to get his hamstrings worked on. From the get-go Evelyn is dropping hints about her "special" massages, and offers several times the opportunity for such an interaction. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what she meant, but her male customer is somewhat a square. It literally takes an off-the-wall blunt question ("Do you want a hamburger or a steak?"), and some groping to get the man's attention. After he finally figures out what Evelyn means the two strangers get down to business on top of the massage parlor table.

The sex in this scene is kept interesting with several position changes. While the positions used were only cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary the cocksucking between some of the position changes gave the scene that extra something special. I enjoyed watching Evelyn ride the man's cock in both of the cowgirl positions, and even when she got pounded in the missionary position. Looking back though the highlight of the scene was definitely the deepthroating that she dished out. It was nice to see a new male, and female performer as well. I can't recall ever seeing Evelyn, or her male companion in any of the porn I've reviewed. They definitely had good chemistry, and I honestly believed the guy's clueless comments at the beginning of the scene. Good stuff!

SCENE 5: Aleska Nicole

Out of all the scenes featured on this dvd the final scene definitely stands out as the more unusual one. The scene initially begins with Aleska Nicole tending to her customer who happens to be a professional swimmer. This bald, and muscular man enters the establishment with obvious underlying intentions. As innocent as his first request of a shoulder massage might be it is his later request to return the favor that hints towards his naughty nature. The two strangers chat away about their mutual love of swimming as the man is receiving his massage, and Aleska even lets the man know that she's a teacher on the side (What sort of teacher does naughty massages!?). After Aleska gets through massaging her male customer's aches, and pains away he surprises her by asking if he can return the favor. Reluctantly the flirtatious Aleska gives in, and strips down to nothing exposing her curvacious body. The man is obviously thrilled by the turn of events, and gives Aleska one of the oiliest massages I've ever seen. What was once seemingly innocent turns into an all out fuckfest on the massage parlor's table.

Aleska, and her male partner really step things up in the sex portion of this scene. Everything is truly hardcore in presentation. To start off with Aleska casually deepthroats her partner's cock for a brief moment, and even allows him to take control of her head for some hardcore face fucking. The man then takes it upon himself to return the oral gesture by eating out her pussy while she lies in the missionary position upon the table. Afterwards the couple engages in a very sexy set of standing penetration positions. At one point the man of the scene even bends Aleska over the table in the doggystyle position, and pounds away at her with hard thrusts. To finish things off Aleska mounts her man as he lies upon the table, and does so in the reverse cowgirl position. In the reverse cowgirl position she gets so excited that she squirts a few times. Finally after the two reach their limit the man lets Aleska suck him off one last time. He ends up coming several times into her open, and willing mouth. He end's the scene by stating that this was the best massage that he had ever had. Aleska, still savoring the moment, and her gooey prize continues to suck on the man's throbbing cock as the scene fades out.


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Very rarely do I get to watch a dvd that was as thoroughly enjoyable as this one was. I found nothing worthwhile to complain about during my viewing. I really loved watching the ladies receiving their full body massages with the glossy massage oil. They were so sexy! The fact that the massages had an erotic appeal made the dvd good enough for couples to watch together which is always a plus. As far as the cast of performers goes all of the men, and women involved looked stunning, especially the ladies. The short roleplaying scenarios were also a good point. I didn't see one that was ridiculously bad. Even the sex was amazing. I find, as an adult reviewer that porn sometimes becomes dull when it gets repetitive, but that was definitely not the case with this dvd. I enjoyed my viewing of each scene, and was impressed by all of it. If you are looking for something that you can share with your partner, or something that's enjoyable solo then this dvd is definitely worth buying. It gets my coveted "Must Have!!!" rating as it most definitely deserves it!

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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