Massage avec Finition / Massage with Finish (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: European, Foreign, Massage, Straight Sex

DIRECTOR: De Joe Serrano


MSRP: 34.95 (EURO) / 47.43 (US) (


LENGTH: 1 hr. 55 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio, and video quality of this dvd had a regal ambiance about it. The producer chose to go along with a widescreen format that gave each scene a theatrical appearance adding to the regal nature of the dvd presentation. The colors were rich, and almost HD (High Definition), if no HD in quality. The director/producer also decided to go with a more romantic music soundtrack giving the presentation a classy feel. There was one scene that did contain a less desirable music track that seemed to be a throwback to retro porn though. This scene was the scene with the blonde haired cliche porn star that you'll read about later in the review.

CAST: Aurora Oliveria, Conny, Kitty Jane, Ferrara Gomez, Stacy Silver



Very rarely do I get my hands on a dvd that is completely "couple" worthy. In the case of "Massage avec Finition (or Massage with Finish)" this is definitely the situation though. What we have here is a five scene dvd filled with some of the most exotic, and beautiful oiled up ladies. Each girl begins her scene with a quick, and oily strip tease. Following the brief, but effective oily display is a full-on massage provided by the ladies themselves. They rub their glossy bodies all over the men's back sides before flipping them over, and servicing their throbbing cocks. It's a slow process, but the sensual music sets the mood for the upcoming erotic sex that is to follow. As with any Marc Dorcel production you'll find that the emphasis on safe sex is made a prominent part of each scene. All of the ladies involved show of the condom before applying it to their partner's member. This sometimes frowned upon gesture is shown in such a way that it does not overshadow the sexual interactions. Whether the girls are riding the hooded cock, or sucking it the sex still remains sexy.

I'm sure you guys, and girls are wondering about the cast of "Massage avec Finition". In all honesty I could not tell you who is who. I will say that out of the five ladies presented only three were really noteworthy. There were two girls who looked as if they were trying to be modern day geisha. These ladies had their hair done up in the way of a geisha, and were slightly dolled up like one. Unlike the geisha of old though they did not sport the porcelain white full face make-up. Aside from these two girls there was also an exotic beauty who looked of Indian origin. She was thin, and tall with an all natural body. The backdrop, or location that was used for her particular shoot also seemed to be of such an Indian origin as she was. The third noteworthy girl was a petite brunette who had a small chest. Like the Indian girl, and the first geisha girl of the dvd she had an exotic look that set her apart from everyday American performers. The last mentionable female performer was the epitome of the cliche Californian porn star. Everything about her looked generic, from her blonde hair to her obviously fake breasts. She honestly stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the girls, but performed well in the end.

The setup, and completion for each scene in "Massage avec Finition" was almost mirror-like in comparison. As I mentioned earlier, each scene began with the girl disrobing, and oiling herself up with massage oil. Immediately following this act the girl in question would disrobe again, but would do so while standing beside a nude male who was lying face down on a mattress/blanket. As the title suggests the girls would then proceed to pour, and rub oil on their male partners giving them a mock massage. Some of the girls gave a very erotic massage during this part of the scene while others seemed to give a more awkward massage. After each man was oiled up properly, and after the girls rubbed their own oiled bodies against the men a while the actual sexual part of the massage would ensue. Each girl opened up a condom in front of the camera for the audience to see before applying it to their partner's penis. Most of the girls did so in a very sexy manner while a couple of the girls had a little trouble getting the condom rolled on properly. It was moments like those of the condom mishaps that made the film seem less professional, and more human in nature. Not that I'm complaining though.

The sex in each scene of this dvd did not vary that much in penetration methods. The only exceptions to this were the scene with the blonde American-like porn star, and the geisha girl who performed last. Without getting too far ahead of myself though let me discuss the generality of the scenes. Within each of the scenes the girls would start off with foreplay (or cock sucking as some would say), and would move into a small variety of sexual positions. For the most part the girls would ride in either cowgirl position, or engage in doggystyle. There were a couple of exceptions where a girl would get double teamed, perform in the missionary position, or even do a little spooning with their male partners though.

I'd say that the most unique sexual interactions occurred in the scene with the American-like porn star, and with the last geisha girl. The cliche American girl was a part of the only threesome of the dvd, and had two men to entertain her. In that scene one guy would satisfy her pussy, or her anus while the other would satisfy her mouth. The geisha girl on the other hand seemed to have a salad tossing problem. For half of the scene she had her face, and her tongue firmly placed between her male partner's butt cheeks. I for one am not a fan of salad tossing, or seeing another man get his salad tossed. This is one reason I say the final scene was one of the worst in the film. The best part of each scene in my opinion was the finish. All of the girls received either a face full, or mouth full of cum. The first geisha girl even swallowed. Being a fan of such finishes definitely made the viewing all the more exciting.

Massage avec Finition is a mixture of shining, and lackluster scenes. In retrospect it started off really strong, but ended up taking a slow descent in quality as the dvd progresses. I think the highlights of the dvd are definitely the first three scenes. They included a very youthful geisha girl, the Indian girl I mentioned previously, and the petite brunette in the bedroom scene. The remaining two scenes are of the cliche American-like porn star, and an older looking geisha who was too camera hungry for her own good. If I had to name the worst of the worst though it would be the salad tossing geisha, because her actions, and reactions didn't seem genuine at all. The cliche porn star on the other hand at least gave a decent performance despite her generic looks. Overall the dvd was just alright. I had expected a thoroughly enjoyable experience since it was a Marc Dorcel production, but found out otherwise. I think that last scene just didn't do the film justice. Even so I think it's worth a watch, if not a purchase. Having three really good scenes, and one decent scene is not that bad.

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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