Hot Video Magazine No.260 / February 2013 (Hot Video)

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MSRP: 10.90 (EURO) / 14.54 (US) (

COVER GIRL: Anissa Kate


I realize I'm sort of late getting this review out since March's issue of Hot Video is already being sold. I do apologize for that. Moving on though ... February 2013's issue is still a hot read, and can still be found for sale on the official French website. Keep in mind the site can be translated to English for those who are interested. As usual the magazine arrived in a discreet package that is peek proof. As long as your mail lady, or mail man doesn't have an issue about cramming it into the mailbox like mine does the magazine should remain in immaculate condition.

This time around the cover girl "Anissa Kate" doubles as the calendar girl as well. On the cover we see the busty beauty in a semi-nude pose holding a hot dog in her hand. If this is not sexy I don't know what is! The sealed magazine comes with the usual one sheet calendar, and three bonus dvds with cardboard slip covers. As I mentioned previously the one sheet calendar pin-up contains yet another, more fully nude photo of the beloved "Anissa Kate". The dvd selection this time around includes Elegant Angel's "Wasteland", Jules Jordan's "Forages Anal", and a double feature French dvd that includes "Jeux Coquins Pour Couples Libertins", and "Garage Bites". Both of the French features are directed by 'Pierre Moro". They offer something out of the norm for those looking to get into European porn. Please keep in mind that as usual all four of the features/films/dvds are PAL encoded. This means they will only be playable on your PC (supposing you have the appropriate video player), or in a PAL specific/region free dvd player.

When you first open up issue number 260 of Hot Video magazine you'll be greeted by a wide variety of ads, and deals related to all sorts of European based porn. If you are located in the United States these offers will do you little good at all. Keep in mind though that if you are interested in ordering European porn there are websites out there that will be more than willing to send the dvds your way. Aside from the discount deals you'll also find some small advertisements about France's latest VOD (video on demand) feature films. This section briefly lists the performers associated with the available films as well as gives the title along with a cover photo, and a channel listing. As an American cable subscriber you will not find these channels under any available service. Skipping past the VOD section you'll finally reach the table of contents that lets you know about every article, and feature that the current issue has to offer. Translation is necessary for English readers, but as I've mentioned in previous magazine reviews it's not impossible.

Following the table of contents is a brief, but very descriptive editorial titled, "L'aventure continue". It's purpose is to get the reader familiar with the articles, news, and critiques that are to follow. In essence it is an introductory article about this issue of the magazine. Shortly after this article you'll turn past a couple of additional advertisements, and find yourself in the midst of the magazine's news section. To begin with there's a one page article filled with photos of porn stars from the recent XBIZ rewards show, and some underlying comments associated the the goings on of the event. It also briefly shows, and describes three of the awarded films which include "Wasteland", "Torn", and "Star Wars XXX". If memory serves me correctly these were the American winners, and not the French/European.

On the page across from the XBIZ feature you'll find little micro articles, and comments along with accompanying photos of porn stars, and various celebrities. This serves as a sort of tabloid section that gets you acquainted with the social media aspect of the entertainment industry. I noticed a brief photo, and caption of Hugh Hefner, and his lady companion Crystal Harris. It gave his age as being 86, and her's as being 26. This was an obvious poke at their 60 year age difference. Nikita Bellucci, a hardcore French porn star who I have recently begun to follow on Twitter also makes a cameo appearance in the news section giving a quote from one of her many tweets. Anastasia Morna of Bang Bros., and "Winning Man" Charlie Sheen also make brief appearances among the many tabloid/news oriented tidbits.

After all the tabloid features we arrive at the first major feature article of the magazine. It is titled, "13 bombes qui vont exploser en 2013".  The article provides vivid photos, and detailed articles about this years rising stars/starlets in the porn industry. There's plenty of eye candy to enjoy throughout the read, and lots of new girls to get acquainted with. This is a good feature for porn enthusiasts who are looking to find that next hottest leading lady. Among the selection of sexy starlets you'll find "Ava Dalush", Krystal Boyd", "Cindy Starfall", "Valentina Nappi", "Natalia Starr", and many others. You'll definitely be interested in knowing that along with a brief bio you'll also get to see where these girls hail from as well as all of their measurements. The fact that you get to see them in all of their hardcore glory is purely icing on the cake!

Following the first feature length article is a highly interesting article that seems to take the medieval ages to a new sexual extreme. This article is titled, "Regardoyons la belle damisele Daphnee Lecerf". It basically translates as "Introducing the beautiful lady Daphnee Lecerf". While this title seems to have little to do with the pictorial goings on of the article, it does give us the name of the article's leading lady. Throughout the article you'll see plenty of medieval art, some of which is grotesque in nature. Accompanying the artistic masterpieces are photos shot in a sepia toned filter that give the sexy action happening a medieval appearance. Daphnee, while mostly in the nude is often times shown with a knight, or in a medieval European setting. There are also a few humorous images where she's wielding a large dildo like a sword against an opposing man in armor. It's an interesting looking article that would most definitely be worth a translation, and a read.

Continuing on we find an article featuring the lovely ebony porn star 'Skin Diamond', and 'Dani Daniels'. In the title image we find the two very lovely ladies in the company of a handsome gentleman. The title of the article is, "Dani et Skin saphiques et ca nique / Deux chattes pour un minet". I was ultimately unable to properly translate it, and I will not attempt to do so in fear of misleading you. I assume it's talking about the threesome that is to ensue though. The article in question is photo heavy, and contains several larger than life hardcore photos displaying the threesome as it unfolds. Ultimately it ends in a very sexy cumshot as it rightfully should. Accompanying each photograph that is provided is a quote, or editorial comment that goes along with the sexual interactions that are being shown. In one of the photos shown the man of the scene is staring down at Skin Diamond's pussy with a look of surprise as he gives her a standing penetration. The accompanying quote basically voices the editor's concern on whether or not the man has ever seen a pussy before. It's a rather hilarious statement that adds some humorous sexiness to the photo being displayed. Other photos throughout the article also contain humorous, and rather interesting photo descriptions pertaining to what is being shown.

Another very cool feature this magazine has to offer comes into focus shortly after the second article. Turn past a couple of additional advertisements, and you're there. It is a an article/feature called the, "Erect Metre". This critique based set of articles summarizes the latest DVD, VOD, and Internet based porn releases through a brief critique, and a unique erection based rating system. In essence it's a sexual arousal guide for those who are interested in the latest porn releases. To start with the XBIZ award winner "Torn" is given the "Erect Metre" treatment. It is given a very lengthy critique detailing all of the pros of the dvd. In the end it receives a 5 out of 5 erections giving it the highest praise available according to the "Erect Metre" rating system. Following the initial review the journalist associated with this article mainly sticks to the well known dvd studios such as 'PRIVATE', 'Evil Angel', and 'Colmax', but does stray to some indie internet scenes/websites on occasion. There are even a few lesser known French/European VODs, and dvds thrown into the mix. In retrospect this is definitely a review article worth reading up on. It gives you proper insight on the latest offerings of the adult entertainment industry.

Finally we arrive at the core of the mag where Anissa Kate makes her debut in a very sultry feature article adorned with illicit photos, and brief but detailed history of this leading lady. When you arrive at this point in the magazine you'll most likely immediately turn your attention to the half nude Anissa Kate who is wearing a tank top with the words, "Normal is Boring" on it. She is literally flipping off all those who dare venture this far into the mag. Directly beside the full page image is a quote that translates as, "What the fuck is a universal language, right?". Irony beams from both the image, and the quotation. To the right of this meaning filled photograph is the actual beginning of the feature Anissa Kate article. The title, in bold letters translates as "Anissa Kate a Temptation", or something along those lines. The sub-header goes further into detail with an additional detailed description that roughly translates as "Less than 2 years after her debut, Anissa Kate the French porn star becomes the most sought after search on Google". This obviously points to Anissa's rise to stardom, and the following paragraphs continue to detail this rise along with her journey into the adult entertainment industry. There are many sections of the article that explain certain events in Anissa's adult film history such as a political scandal, and her dealings with the American porn industry. There are also plenty of impressive photo stills that are ripped from various onscreen performances, and advertisements that the French porn star has been a part of. It's a great article for getting to know Anissa Kate better.

Next up, past a brief dvd recommendation article on the XBIZ award winning film "Torn" is a full length article on another porn celebrity otherwise known as, "Maddy O'Reilly". Like Anissa Kate, Maddy O'Reilly is a rising star who is using various media outlets to gain exposure. In a similar way to the previously mentioned Anissa Kate article you'll find a cornucopia of info on this American porn star. Through the many photos provided I could tell without reading that Maddy is a true American girl who fun-loving in nature. There are shots of her in the buff as she enjoys music, the company of friends, and other American born activities. As with any feature article you'll find a detailed history of Maddy's career laid out through lengthy journalistic prose, and accompanying comments/quotes. I definitely enjoyed getting to know more about this fiery redhead, and will definitely follow up on her more as I view her tweets on Twitter.

Who says the pizza guy doesn't get lucky? In this following article, or pictorial sex encounter we find Aria Salazar entertaining an extremely lucky pizza delivery guy. If I were a pizza delivery man this would be a   dream come true! Anyways ... Through larger-than-life photos we (the reader) get to see the sexual encounter unfold in it's entirety. From the moment Aria invites the pizza guy in until the food fetish finale is shown it is all fleshed out for the readers to see. Accompanying the many illicit photographs, or photo stills are the usual comments, and quotes associated with such a magazine feature. In the final few photos (which are arguably the best) Aria is shown about to consume a cum coated slice of pizza. Accompanying this extremely sexy display is an added quote detailing Aria's reflection on the fact that the pizza is supposed to come with sauce. She savors the moment by taking in the aroma of the pizza slice, and cum before finally indulging herself with the naugthy treat. Out of all the Hot Video pictorial sex features this one definitely had my undivided attention!

Within the next section of pages you'll find an assortment of porn related listings. Everything from nightclubs to personal ads are shown. Even special upcoming events are displayed for anyone living within the area. While this is definitely an interesting portion of the Hot Video magazine. It holds little significance for an American reader such as myself. Unless you were to go to France, or Europe the ads would hold no value. Following this informative section are two articles featuring noteworthy amateurs from the French industry, and a European webcam site. Both girls' articles feature an in-depth article about their career including what they are into, and even some of their measurements. As usual photos also accompany these articles.

Here we are. We've finally arrived at the tail end of the latest issue of Hot Video magazine. The final pages as you can likely imagine include additional offers, and phone sex hotlines. If you are in the United Sates, and you are reading up on this mag I'd highly suggest avoiding the phone sex hotlines as the price will be even more than localized versions found here in the states. This is due to the fact that the hotlines are European based. Unless you have a shit ton of money to spend avoid them. Following these naughty ads are a couple of mini-booklets that feature further articles, and photos. The two included booklets are "Transworld", and "Cahier Trash de Hot Video". They can be compared to a "Tijuana Bible".

Well, that's it ladies & gents. I hope you enjoyed the read, and the added photos. Maybe you'll like it enough to try out some French porn, or the Hot Video mag. In any case I'm done here, and until next time I bid you adieu. Keep it sexy my friends!

- Brad (OtakuDante) -


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