WEBSITE SPOTLIGHT: "FuckMe Productions"

GENRE: Adult Website, Anal, DP


MEMBERSHIP FEES: One Day Trial 1.00 (EURO) / $1.33 (US), 1 Month 14.95 (EURO) / $19.91 (US), 3 Months 34.95 (EURO) / $46.55 (US), 1 Year 59.40 (EURO) / $79.12 (US)




- Unlimited Movie Downloads For Duration Of Subscription
- Downloads in Multiple Formats: SD, HD, MPEG, WMV, IPHONE, IPAD, MOBILE)
- Access to Downloadable Photos
- Preview Trailers
- Performer Bios

PERFORMERS: Julia de Lucia, Lara Tinelli, Carla Pons, Susy Gala, Karla Rouge, Julia Morgan, Bianca Resa ...



Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with a Spanish adult website owner about their newly created website I had actually never heard of it myself, but the website owner's proposition had me intrigued, especially since a certain director I know also follows them on the social site on which the initial conversation took place. After squaring away some details with the site owner I was able to acquire a trial membership with which to sample what the site offered, and in return produce a review here on my blog. The following paragraphs will detail my findings, and will let you know whether, or not this site is worth your time, or money ...

When it comes presentation FuckMe Productions delivers a simple yet very effective means for the member to browse the site, and download movies/photos on the fly. After you've subscribed to the website you'll find that there are plenty of features to look through. For example, each scene offered to the member has a preview trailer to give a taste of what is to come. The trailers themselves are displayed in a very high quality resolution that does not stutter when viewing. The fact that the video player size is larger than you'll find on most adult video websites is a huge plus. One of the major downsides to the individual scene offerings though was that there were no streaming options, or at least I could not find one during my browsing.

As mentioned in the "Membership Benefits" section of this article's intro you will find that you can download an unlimited amount of SD/HD quality movies/scenes in various formats for the duration of your membership subscription. These formats include everything from PC oriented download files all the way to downloadable files for mobile devices such as the IPhone, and IPad. I attempted to download an HD (AVI) file of one of the movies, but didn't have the proper software to see if I could transfer it to an actual DVD. The good news is that it played well in the (VLC) media player that I have installed on my own PC. The quality of the AVI movie honestly seemed superb in comparison to others I've seen on various sites, and looked a lot better than some of the stateside DVD productions that I've seen here in the US.

Aside from the unlimited supply of movies/scenes that are offered in various file formats you'll also be able to download some high quality hardcore photos. In my opinion the photos look to be as impressive as the downloadable movies themselves, and might be that extra something special that potential members are looking for. If you love to collect website photos for later browsing/pleasuring then I think these will definitely be a worthy addition to your collection. As far as the selection of girls is concerned there are only 11 (eleven) listed/shown on the site. This does pale in comparison to some of the other well known adult websites out there, but I'm sure FuckMe Productions will probably be adding more scenes, and more girls to their library as time goes on. For now though you can enjoy some very sexy European/Latina ladies like my newly favorite girl, "Julia de Lucia". I probably should also mention that not all the girls offered are as gorgeous as Julia, but their performances are impressive enough that they are worth watching.

Sex on comes in two different styles, DP and Anal. You'll find that all of the eleven girls engage in some of the most hardcore sex you'll ever see including DPs (Double Penetrations), and anal sex. I noticed during my browsing that the girls really received some rough treatment, but seemed to enjoy the attention thoroughly ... perhaps? One of the videos in particular definitely caught my undivided attention with it's graphic display of a wooden bat being rammed up one of the girls' asses. It looked rough, but if you are into the truly hardcore side of porn then I'm sure something like this would would likely catch your attention as well. If you'd like to know more about the girls shown in each video the site has a detailed biography providing the member with such details as the performer's "sexual orientation", and even "Tit Type" amongst other things. I suppose this is a good feature for all those diehard fans out there who are looking to know more about their favorite performers.

When it's all said, and done delivers one hell of a show for a fraction of the price that some adult sites ask for. Quality is definitely king when it comes to what this website offers. You'll find high quality movie downloads in a nice variety of formats which is always a plus. Downloading said files is very easy, and doesn't take too much time to do. Streaming on the other hand is unfortunately not an option at the time being making downloads a must if you're thinking about signing up. When it comes to the hardcore nature of the site it may turn some of you away, but if you like the "rough sex" type of porn then this will be worth at least a one day trial. As far as the selection of girls is concerned they aren't exactly the best I've seen collectively, but there are some gems among them. I think that with some time, and effort FuckMe Productions will be able to make a very noteworthy site. As it currently stands though I'd only suggest that you only sign up for the one day trial, or one month membership as the available content isn't as plentiful as it could be.

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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