GENRE: Adult Website, Oral Sex, Anal, Lesbian, Gang Bang

SITE OWNER/PUBLISHER: Evil Angel / Chargepay B.V. / Famedollars / Gammae



ACCEPTED PAYMENT OPTIONS: Risk Free 3 Day Trial - $2.95 (USD), 1 Month Membership - $29.95 (USD), 3 Month Membership - $68.95 (USD), 1 Year Membership - $95.40 (USD)


- 7,651 Movies
- 317,822 Pictures
- 1,301 DVDs
- 2,681 Porn Stars
- Access to Scheduled Live Web Shows
- Interactive Ratings (Directors, Performers, Scenes, Movies)

PERFORMERS: Asa Akira, Bobbi Star, Katy St. Ives, Belladonna, Sasha Grey, and many more ...



Evil Angel, and their many websites are well known for top quality content. You'll find that only the best directors, and best performers are involved in any of their productions. In my time as an Xcritic reviewer I had plenty opportunities to review their dvds, and was never really disappointed with what I saw. The video quality was superb as were the performances that graced every dvd. In a similar way to the dvd productions, the official website also brings to the forefront all of the noteworthy content via digital methods. The website itself is presented in a well organized fashion fitting of the content that fills it's many online pages. Divided into several categories (Scenes, Movies, Directors, Porn Stars, Live Shows, DVD Store) this website is easy to navigate even for the newest of internet newbies. You'll find that all of the content from the directors down the individual scenes are rated using a five star system that is determined through member interactivity. In this way you will recieve honest opinions from those who frequent the site on a daily basis.

For all of those porn junkies out there you will be pleased to know that  provides you with several means of visual satisfaction. There are thousands of individual scenes ripped straight from some of Evil Angel's best dvds. Not only can these scenes be viewed on a personal PC, or laptop directly from the website, but you can also download them for later viewing. The streaming videos themselves are displayed in HD quality on a larger than normal onsite video player. This allows the member to enjoy the performance on a much fuller screen with much better visuals than you will find on tube sites. Accompanying these amazing scenes is a cornucopia of information including the performer/s involved as well as things like the dvd it was featured in. There's even a genre listing for those who wish to view only specific types of porn. All scenes have an underlying rating (up to five stars) letting you know if the video is worth your time, or not. This in itself is a huge plus for anyone looking to skim through the less impressive scenes.

One of the more significant features that graces is the "Live Show" feature. When you choose this sub-category via the site tabs you will be able to view, and comment on the latest live show if it is currently "Live". For those who wish to know when a show is scheduled to begin there is an onscreen timer that keeps track of the countdown progress down to the last millisecond. Along with the large video player that the live show is featured on you'll find the usual webcam options as well as an interactive dialogue based chat feature that is located close by. The dialogue/chat interactions are done basically as if it were a live streaming/live chat event which most of you will be familiar with. You can add emoticons to your onscreen messages, or keep it simple. The choice is yours.

All in all Evil is the epitome of what an adult website should be. It's well organized, and it offers all the info a fan of the studio could possibly ask for. The fact that you can download your favorite scenes instead of paying full price for a dvd adds to the sites likability. I really liked the fact that Evil Angel not only included their five star rating system with the scenes, and movies but that they also included it with every other aspect of the site as well. It's cool to see how each director, and performer stacks up in the eyes of the existing members. Out of all the websites I have reviewed I'd have to say this one is definitely the best thus far. The only issue I have with it, if any, is the fact that the membership fees/options aren't made readily available for the potential members. You have to literally sign up for an account before you can find out what the payment/membership options are. As such I don't really know how much it costs to join. If you have money, and are looking for a quality adult site to frequent though then I'd definitely give a try (even if the membership options aren't shown up front). Perhaps one of you could drop me a comment, and fill me in about the prices?

VERDICT: Must Join!!!


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