Victoria Muss Schlucken / Victoria Has To Swallow (GGG)

GENRE: Bukkake, Gangbang

STUDIO/PRODUCER: John Thompson / GGG (German Goo Girls)


LENGTH: 1 hr 25 mins. (roughly)

AUDIO/VIDEO:The audio in this presentation is excellent for a downloadable file format. I could hear the movie very clearly without having to turn the volume up much at all, and the quality of the sound was exceptionally clear. One thing to keep in mind is that all typed language, and spoken language within this movie is in German. This does present a slight language barrier, but does not affect the overall viewing that much. As far as the video quality is concerned it varies according to the download quality you choose. I chose "High Quality", and it seemed to be as good as that of most of the actual dvds I review.

CAST: Victoria, Isabell



In the world of "German Goo Girls" titles can be a little misleading. Take for example the title of this downloadable movie, "Victoria Muss Schlucken". In English the title translates (roughly) as "Victoria Has To Swallow". The odd thing is though that Victoria never swallows at all. In fact she spits out every load of cum that is shot into her mouth. The added fact that Victoria isn't the only girl in the feature also adds to the title's misleading context. Regardless of these facts the movie still deserves the five star rating that the online community gave it. Allow me to explain ...

"Victoria Muss Schlucken" is a collection of three full length bukkake sessions. In two of the sessions we are blessed to see the gorgeous miss Victoria give it her all as she is royally fucked six ways from Sunday. Throughout each of her performances Victoria seems to be utterly drunk with lust, and through her facial expressions we (the viewer) can tell that she's definitely enjoying all of the attention, for the most part. In Victoria's first scene she starts things of in a mildly sensual manner bumping, and grinding her exposed body against a nude masked man's protruding member. As the scene continues to play out this well endowed ghetto version of Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th) gives Victoria a serious pounding with his almost two foot long cock! The two performers engage in some intense oral sex as well as some of the more traditional "straight sex" penetration methods. Not too much further into the scene the other offscreen gentlemen make themselves known as one by one they step up to participate in some form, or fashion. Some of the men immediately erupt their semen all over Victoria's face, and mouth while others further contribute to her hardcore pussy pounding. There's plenty of seed spilling as the scene goes on, and every shot that hits the lovely Victoria's mouth is quickly rejected as she spits it out, gagging along the way.

In the second scene we are once again blessed with the sight of a very attractive, and very sexy lady. The girl of this scene, otherwise known as Isabell looks as if she stepped out of the 40's pin-up era. Everything from her hair to her make-up is done up in such away as to reflect such a time period. Isabell starts things off on a strong note by getting down on her knees, and taking a couple of initial cumshots to the mouth. Unlike Victoria, Isabell swallows each, and every load that is given to her throughout the entire performance. She seems to savor the taste of the man juice, and often time revels in her gooey prizes by taking in all of the cum that lands on her face. As with Victoria's scene, Isabell is also treated to a noteworthy hardcore fucking in which both ends of her are constantly satisfied with throbbing cocks. All of them men who participate have a larger than usual cock girth making for a very pleasurable viewing experience. There's nothing quite like seeing a girl deepthroat monster cocks over, and over again. The fact that Isabell swallows like a pro only added to the bukkake session's lasting appeal.

In the third, and final bukkake session featuring Victoria we are treated with a different sort of intro. In this scene we find Victoria sitting down for a brief interview with the bukkake maestro John Thompson himself. While I couldn't understand a word that was spoken between these two I got the basic idea of the conversation. John was basically sizing Victoria up, and was asking about some of her sexual preferences. He had her remove parts of her dress to show off her body to him, and even had her pose in a couple of the usual sexual positions. Victoria seemed extremely comfortable with the attention that John was giving her, and definitely seemed to love the attention that the camera was providing. Even so as Victoria once again gave into a full blown bukkake session she once again spat out every load that was shot into her mouth giving her another amateurish appearance. When it was all said, and done she had gotten banged hard, and took several loads to the face, and mouth resulting in a final unanimous applause from all the men who had participated. It was a most excellent end to a very amazing GGG film!


If there was anything I did not like about this GGG (German Goo Girls) presentation it would be the occasional ad that scrolled up the screen during the playthrough. I understand that John Thompson has to sell his product in some way, but there are other means by which such advertisements can be shared. For example there could be an end of the video showing of such content. Aside from that small complaint I also felt that the porn music was a bit outdated. Sometimes the music sounded as if it were from an 80's film while other times it seemed more like romantic music. I honestly think hardcore rock, or german industrial oriented music would have suited the bukkake sessions so much better. That of course is my own opinion though, and as they say opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one. As far as recommending this downloadable movie goes I think it is very much worth it. It's one of those gems that are hard to get a hold of here in the US (United States). If you sign up for a membership, no matter how long your subscription limit is you will gain access to many other five star rated videos, so definitely go for it! I actually burned the video to a recordable dvd disc, and can now enjoy it on my tv. You can do the same as well if you have the appropriate software.

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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