Tonight's Girlfriend Vol.10 (Naughty America)

GENRE: All Sex, Prostitution

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Naughty America

MSRP: $24.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 52 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio in this dvd is exceptional. I had it set to the lowest audible volume possible without muting it, and I could still hear it very well. The video quality was a different story though. At times the picture looked as if it were HD, and at other times it seemed to be sort of pixelated. Even so the picture quality was still good enough to watch. Each scene within the dvd was presented in a widescreen ratio that in no way took away from the overall viewing experience.

CAST: Capri Cavanni, Esperanza Gomez, India Summer



Naughty America's series "Tonight's Girlfriend" is all about call girls. Men who are lucky enough, and who have enough cash get to bang these woman of their dreams. The special rendezvous are initially setup online through secure interactions after which the participants meet at a pre-selected location. All of the women involved have their own motivations for doing these dirty deeds, but you'll find that most are in it simply for the money. Each women also doubles as a paid performer in the adult entertainment industry, so the enjoyment of risque sexual encounters does play a small role in their choices as well. In "Tonight's Girlfirend Vol.10" there are three very beautiful women who have all setup a special date with a lucky gentleman. One of the girls, Capri Cavanni entertains a amateurish gentleman who has a taste for her domination style sex. The lucky man lives his fantasy out in the privacy of a hotel room somewhere in Los Angeles. Without giving too many more details out before the individual scene breakdowns I will say that the remaining two ladies enjoy similar encounters from some very well off gentlemen. I hope you enjoy the following reading as it will no doubt intrigue you as much as it did me. I believe that Naughty America has a true gem with this series, and I hope to share my findings with you through my scene by scene breakdowns ...

Capri Cavanni

Scene one starts off very quickly with Capri meeting up with a very nervous, muscular, and handsome gentleman in a hotel somewhere in LA. Getting down to the brass tacks, Capri sits down with the guy, and asks him for his paperwork. Afterwards she heads to the restroom where she looks over the paperwork, and counts the cash that is owed to her for the deed. When she finishes making sure everything is alright she heads back to the living room where the eager gentleman anxiously, but nervously awaits her to join him. Capri starts things off by asking the guy what he prefers, and through some vague descriptions about his favoritism towards her more dominate scenes they devise a plan for their sexual encounter.

The nameless man had asked Capri to bring with her one of the lingerie outfits that she had worn in a particular scene, so that she could wear it during sex. After confirming that she did bring it, Capri heads to the restroom once more to pretty up in front of the mirror, and get dressed for the occasion. When she finally finished she headed to the bedroom, and positioned herself in a sexy position on top of the bed to entice her soon to be lover. She calls for him, and he hesitantly joins her. Capri takes the initiative, and undresses this virgin of a man before laying him down on the bed, and sucking his impressively massive cock.

From there on the two lovers engage in some of the most visually impressive, and exciting sex I have ever seen in a porn production. Most of the sex takes place in the bedroom, but the last part of the scene ends in the living room area. The two switch positions frequently while stopping only briefly between penetrations to enjoy some oral stimulation. The sex was definitely enjoyable to watch, and I could tell that Capri was enjoying the man's large cock thoroughly as she rode him, spooned with him, and allowed him to do her doggystyle. At times she would try to deepthroat the guy's massive rod only making it halfway down, but it was an impressive feat nonetheless. As far as the domination aspect of the deal was concerned Capri kept true to her word. She had the man begging her to please as well as had him eating out her pussy on multiple occasions. If there is a number one scene of the year I honestly think this scene would qualify!

India Summer

India Summer is one of the more gorgeous adult performers that you'll ever lay eyes on. She always dresses more maturely, and stars in a lot of milf oriented porn. In this particular scene she meets up with a male acquaintance who has obvious control issues. This fact presents itself as the man bluntly addresses India, and directs her every action. The initial business transaction of the scene happens in pretty much the same way as the previous scene. The man paying for India's services waits patiently along with a cameraman in a hotel room in some undisclosed location. Upon arrival India is bluntly greeted by her new male acquaintance, and the two get down to business counting cash, and discussing exactly what it is that the man requires for his payment.

After getting the details squared away the man of the scene has India take a bath in the room's bathtub. The water was prepared in advance for her, and had lots of bubbles which added to the sexiness of the bathing. About halfway into the bath the guy unzips his pants, lets his cock loose, and has India give him a brief blowjob. Following the sexual gesture India drys off, and heads to the bedroom as she was instructed to do. Lying on the bed is a set of lingerie which the guy has bought just for this encounter. India puts the lingerie on as the man watches. Afterwards the two engage in lots of foreplay, and domination oriented sex. The man of the scene maintains constant control of the situation instructing India on everything she should be doing. At times he covers her mouth to keep her silent, and even has her cover her mouth with her own hands from time to time as well.

As the scene unfolds further it becomes obvious to me that this guy really enjoys his junk being handled. Several times throughout the scene he has India suck on his balls, and toss his salad. Being the anti-anal viewer that I am I didn't really enjoy seeing the man getting his salad tossed. Regardless of the inclusion of salad tossing the scene was amazing. I could tell that India was sincerely enjoying her sexual engagement. She climaxed to the point of coming several times, and expressed herself vocally whenever she was allowed to. India's performance made for an extremely exciting viewing. In the end India allowed the man to come in her mouth, and on her face finishing that scene off with a noteworthy moment. Shortly after receiving the final cumshot India headed to the bathroom, cleaned up, and got dressed. On the way out she gave the man one final kiss before heading out the door. Like the first scene this one was spectacular making this three scene dvd a contender for my favorite dvd of 2012!!!

Esperanza Gomez

Esperanza Gomez is hands down the best looking Spanish performer I have ever seen! Not only does she look amazing, but her personality shines through her kind gestures towards her male acquaintance. Speaking of the male acquaintance, I'm pretty sure the guy is a professional porn actor. I'm almost 100% positive that I've seen him in porn videos before. It kind of makes one wonder if all the scenes were staged, or not. Even if they were the sex in this scene was amazing, and the two performers gave one heck of a performance. I loved the humble nature of both Esperanza, and the unidentified male.

The scene itself began in fairly much the same way as the previous two scenes. Esperanza arrived from a flight that was paid for by her gentleman acquaintance, and met him in a hotel room at an undisclosed location as planned. The man of the scene complimented Esperanza as she sat down with him, and shortly after their brief talk he handed her a stack of one hundred dollar bills. Esperanza then took the money to the bathroom to count it, and was taken aback by how generous the guy had been. In all honesty it was kind of saddening seeing her react that way as it made her seem desperate for money. Regardless of this Esperanza went forward with the deal, and sealed it in a very grateful manner. She definitely gave it her all as the gentleman had his way with her all over the bedroom, and living room area.

The arranged pair changed positions multiple times throughout the scene's entirety. The guy would alternate between doggystyle, and missionary positions for the most part, but also engaged in some spooning as well. Sometimes he would even have Esperanza give him a BJ in order to keep things interesting. Aside from that the guy also displayed his taste for fetishes as he had Esperanza give him a footjob, and a titjob briefly before continuing with his penetrative sex. At two points in the scene he oiled up her butt cheeks, and her breasts for obvious extra stimulation purposes. After their lengthy intercourse session the man finally comes into Esperanza's open, and willing mouth. She sucks him off one last time, and kisses his cock multiple times showing her gratitude for his hospitality. Following the cumshot finish Esperanza heads to the bathroom to clean up. This includes immediate gargling, a quick cleansing of her face, and breasts as well as a very sensual shower. Afterwards she gets dressed, and prepares to leave. Before she makes it though the gentleman requests her company for just a little longer, and she agrees to join him once more.


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All I can say at this point is "WOW!!!". This three scene dvd was most impressive! I was actually a little skeptical when seeing that it only contained three scenes, but Naughty America really did well with this volume of "Tonight's Girlfriend". I think what impressed me most about the whole viewing was the fact that each lady was physically stunning, and that they each gave an exceptional performance. It's these kind of performances that deserve AVN awards, in my personal opinion. If I were a judge for the AVN awards this dvd would definitely be up their towards the top of the list. If you are looking for an affordable, and worthy dvd then I highly suggest that you buy this one now! It's absolutely worth every penny, and most certainly deserves my "Must Have!!!" rating. This is the best dvd I've seen in a very long while!

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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