Russian Institute: La Directrice / The Headmistress (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: European, Foreign, School Girls, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Herve Bodilis


MSRP: 34.95 (EURO) / $47.47 (US) (


LENGTH: 1 hr. 37 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The video quality in this film can easily be compared to movie productions on the BBC (British Broadcasting Channel). It has that olden European look, but with a more recent visual presentation. The ladies all look amazing in the lighting they are shown in, and the close-ups of their bodies make the footage seem more HD (High Definition) than that of a standard definition feature. The sound quality also has some rather impressive points. Everything from the heavy breathing of the girls to the ambient nature sounds are presented in such a fashion that makes the viewer feel as if they were actually there on the shoot. Altogether these are the signature values I've come to associate with Dorcel productions. Dorcel only deals with the best, and this dvd production definitely reflects that.

CAST: Anna Polina, Jessyca Wilson, Nasta Zya, Clanddi Jinkcego, Iwia, Victoria Blaze, Cindy Dollar, Tess Lyndon



The "Russian Institute" series, in general is an ongoing pornographic dvd series which details the sexually depraved encounters in a boarding school for well-to-do girls. In this latest installment titled, "La Directrice (The Headmistress) we find that the men of the campus aren't the only disciplinaries able to dish out their so called punishments. This time around a well endowed headmistress leads the team of male scholars as they engage in unorthodox means of schooling with their female students. The full-length dvd feature is filled to the brim with some of the most lustful sex scenes you'll ever encounter in porn. Accompanied by a narration giving the headmistress's point of view this sordid tale unfolds in some truly pulse pounding ways. Also involved in this tantalizing tale is a cast of Dorcel's best leading ladies. You'll get to see the ever popular Anna Polina, and Nasta Zya give it their all along with some of the more youthful rising starlets. I for one can only account for a few of them, but I can honestly say that they all look stunning.

You'll find that all of the girls in this particular feature are truly awe-inspiring. You have mixture of brunettes, and blondes. Brunettes like Anna Polina, and Victoria Blaze are truly gorgeous specimens, and will no doubt hold your attention throughout their scenes entirety. Anna for example is a more well rounded performer who take take it like a pro. She does the usual mixture of anal, and vaginal penetrations that she is known for. Her pouty faces during such instances is enough to get a man off in a heartbeat. Victoria on the other hand is a petite young looking lady who's eyes, and slim body will no doubt keep you watching her every move. There's definitely someone here to suit all viewers' tastes in women. In fact the ladies will also be glad to know that the gentlemen included are also quite the lookers themselves.

As far as the variety of scenes are concerned you'll find that most of the sex is group oriented. In the first scene, for example you'll find two of the female students find themselves in deep trouble for not making it back to class on time. Their punishment is initially set as after class lectures, but turns into a full blown threesome with the lead male scholar, Mr. Remy. Iwia, and Jessyca Wilson find themselves at the mercy of this sex crazed man, and seem to enjoy every second of it. From the mutual blowjobs to the actual sexual penetrations these two girls reap the consequences of their misbehavior in a truly sexy way.

As the dvd plays on you'll find that the headmistress definitely gets her share of screen time. In two of the most memorable scenes the headmistress picks out a couple different girls to engage in sex with her, and two more than willing male scholars. During both of these scenes the sex definitely seems more like a disciplinary action than that of an actual willing participation on the girls' behalf. Of course this is a screenplay, and the girls do a good job of looking like students who are being forced into depraved situations. The performances themselves are definitely some of the best I've seen in the "Russian Institute" series, and seem to be portrayed in a naturally believable manner. None of the performances seem scripted at all. If I could compare it to anything media related the collection of scenes look, and feel as if they were a million dollar Hollywood production.

In retrospect there's definitely a better than average quality about this whole dvd production. It has that extra something that really makes it stand out from a lot of the cliche porn you'll see nowadays. The cast is made up of the most beautiful girls, and the most handsome men. It's not often that one gets to see such a perfect cast. Even the backdrops, and school grounds shown throughout the feature are impressive. I could tell that Herve Bodilis (The Director) spared no expense when shooting this film. Everything from the audio presentation to the performer interactions shined with the quality that a theatrical expert could produce. In fact I often found scenes to have an audio ambiance, or atmosphere that made me feel as if I were there on location of the shoot. The scene with Anna Polina, and Cindy Dollar towards of the beginning of the film definitely reflected this notion. You could literally hear the wind blowing in the background, and could even hear birds chirping as if it were happening right outside.

When it's all said, and done I think Herve Bodilis/Marc Dorcel have another winner on their hands. Going into the viewing I expected something similar to the last "Russian Institute", but found something even better. As I mentioned earlier the cast were the epitome of what a perfect cast should be. None of the performers looked out of place. Everything about this feature film was definitely in sync. As far as the "Pleasure Factor" is concerned I can guarantee that any heterosexual/bi-sexual man will be spent only a fraction of the way into the film. There were a couple of really good scenes that got my blood boiling more than others though. I think the scene towards the end of the film where the headmistress (Clanddi Jinkcego) forces Victoria Blaze student to suck, and fuck two men's cocks definitely takes the top spot as my favorite scene of the film. When it comes down to recommending this dvd I can honestly say that it's worth the time, and money. As of now you can find the higher priced region free French version using the link I provided, or you can hold out for the more affordable English version that can be found on sites such as "AdultDVDEmpire". The choice is yours, but I highly recommend that you add it to your collection if you are into porn.

VERDICT: Highly Recommended!!!


  1. a bisexual man who prefers womenJune 1, 2013 at 10:06 AM

    Any double or triple penetration? How about messy facials or golden showers? Do the girls put their tongues up the asses of the men?

  2. @a bisexual man who prefers women:

    I'm going to take it as you are asking a serious question, and will answer in kind. I'm pretty sure there was at least one, or two instances of double penetrations. There may have even been a triple one, but I'm not for certain. not having the dvd with me now limits my knowledge of this dvd.

    As far as the messy facials & golden showers go Marc Dorcel, and his associated directors never really venture into that "Hardcore" type of sex. From time to time a girl will get a mouthful of cum, but will spit it out immediately afterwards. If memory serves me well there were a few oral cumshots within this film.

    Golden showers are most definitely never shown in a Marc Dorcel production. He is a classy man, and only deals with directors who incorporate classy themes into their productions. If you are looking for hardcore messy (Bukkake) facials & golden showers the GGG (German Goo Girls) websites would be your best bet.

    I appreciate your question, and hope to hear more from you in future reviews. I will try my best to include a section for positions, and penetrations from now on.

    Brad (OtakuDante)


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