Naughty Fuck Buddies (Pure Play Media/SCORE)

GENRE: Group Sex, Legal Teens, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Pure Play Media / The Score Group

MSRP: $24.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 19 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio in this dvd is okay. It's not the best I've heard, but it is nice that the producer kept the volume at an appropriate, and audible level. The video quality is mediocre. It's not the best, but it's also not the worst I've seen. Each scene was displayed in a widescreen ration that in no way took away from the viewing experience.

CAST: Barbie (V), Samantha (VIII), Stacey (II), Megan (III), Allison (II), Aliha Anderson, Riley Reid, Jessie (V), Jessica (XVIII), Paige


Scene 1: Barbie & Paige

Initially I was a little skeptical about how good the first scene would be, but Barbie ad Paige did a banging good job with their roleplay scenario as well as the actual sex they engaged in. To begin with, the scene opened up showing the girls at an auto-body garage where two young men were busy checking the oil, and other fluid levels. Barbie, and Paige both nagged the boys a bit giving them grief about their slow progress. At one point the girls even jokingly called the boys fake mechanics. In order to speed up the process the two girls used alternative means of persuasion in order to get the job done quicker. Their playful seduction with complimentary breast flashing definitely peaked the boys' interest, and soon all four of them are having sex on the garage floor as a result.

The sex part of the scene started off heavy with a serious amount of oral sex. Both the girls, and the boys got their fair share of foreplay attention during the ordeal. I would say that there was an abnormal amount of foreplay involved in this particular scene as they spent longer than a porn star usually would satisfying one another with their tongues, and mouths. After the oral sex session was through the young couples engaged in some very naughty sex. For the most part they stuck to the missionary, and doggystyle positions though, but did switch it up slightly form time to time in order to keep the scene interesting. In the end each girl received a very noteworthy facial cumshot from their two male partners. One of the girls even took most of the cum she received into her mouth savoring the taste. The remaining girl took a huge shot to the eye, but accepted it like a pro. Before the scene faded out both Barbie, and Paige swapped several gooey kisses between each other ending the scene in a truly noteworthy way.

Scene 2: Aliha & Allison

Aliha, and Allison are two of the most energetic party girls I've ever seen in a porn flick. Their spunky attitude definitely shines through as they share a single hotdog (mouth to mouth) while at a cookout with their two boyfriends. Shortly after their hotdog encounter the two girls lose all inhibitions, and strip down to nothing as they prepare to join their male acquaintances in some steamy sex. The foursome quickly separates into two groups as the focus is concentrated on their individual sexual activities. For the most part Allison (the blonde) is the main center of attention while her friend, Aliha (brunette) remains at a distance and out of sight for most of the scene.

The sex in this scene is enough to get any man's blood pumping properly. While the focal point was definitely on Allison for the most part I still think she did an amazing job of vocally representing herself as she was fucked on, and around a patio chair. The fact that her male partner was able to maintain a standing penetration with her for a lengthy time made the action even more exciting. When Aliha finally got her time in the spotlight it was enjoyable, but left me wanting to see more of her performance. In the end Allison received a creampie cumshot while Aliha took her dose of cum to the face. Both finishes were equally as exciting as the actual sex. Overall I absolutely loved this scene!

Scene 3: Megan & Jessie

Continuing with the party atmosphere that was presented in scene number two this scene takes place poolside with four very special friends. Taking on the part of the leading girls is blonde haired Megan, and dark haired Jessie. Both girls could easily pass for sisters, but each look unique enough to give a diverse performer selection. Accompanying the two lovely young ladies is also two very handsome men. The men seem to be a little older in age compared to their female friends, but not by much. Regardless of this age difference all four performers display impressive chemistry that makes the scene seem more genuine than a porn performance usually is. The scene itself actually begins with some pool time activities that includes topless pool jousting (girls riding on the shoulders of guys while trying to knock one another off), and leads into some horny poolside sex.

As with the previous scene the focus in this scene is divided up between the two girls giving each one the opportunity to show off in front of the camera. Megan starts things off by having mostly penetrative sex in the missionary, and cowgirl positions at the shallow end of the pool. In the end she receives a cumshot to her pubic region, and across her belly ending her portion of the scene on a good note. Shortly after, Megan moves back into the deeper part of the pool with her latin man in order to allow Jessie to have her turn with her own guy. In retrospect Jessie gave a much more impressive sexual performance, and looked hot doing so. She began by giving her male partner a blowjob, and moved into the penetrative sex shortly afterwards. I think the highlight was seeing her perform in the doggystyle position. She looked really amazing, and her excitement helped boost the pleasure of the viewing. Jessie ended up receiving a cumshot to her ass shortly after switching to the doggystyle position. Afterwards the scene continued on further showing Megan, and Jessie's playful side as they swam around together nude in the pool.

Scene 4: Allison & Samantha

Partying definitely seems to be the prominent theme in this dvd. The roleplaying scenario in this case however is much different than the outdoors themes of the previous two scenes. As the scene opens up we find that Allison, and Samantha are both sitting with their boyfriends as they enjoy what appears to be a Sunday evening football party. The two girls try there best to distract the guys, and do so in various sexual manners. At one point one of the girls literally shows her ass to her boyfriend who is trying his hardest to watch the game. Both guys take notice of these attention whores, and eventually give them the attention that they are so desperately seeking.

The sex starts off, and continues strongly throughout this scene. As you might have guessed the two girls do engage in some oral sex before delving the penetrations though. After giving an unimpressive BJ both girls pretty much let the guys do as they please. There are several sexy position changes that include cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, and a brief standing penetration. The highlights of the scene would definitely be when both girls were riding reverse cowgirl side by side as well as the face to face doggystyle. In the end one of the girls got a creampie while the other received a facial as well as some cum to her eye. It was an interesting way to end a scene. Overall I guess you could say that the scene was just alright. The girls weren't all that attractive, but the sex was decent.

Scene 5: Jessica & Stacey

Never in my life have I seen a squirt gun fight turn into a sexual situation, but that's exactly what happened here. As Jessica, and Stacey were sitting at an outdoor patio table minding their own business their two male friends were devising a plan to attack with some supersoakers. The end result was definitely better than what the guys were expecting, and ultimately resulted in an all out foursome. After a brief make out session between Jessica, and Stacey things immediately got all sorts of naughty. The boyfriends helped both girls remove their clothing, and got everyone situated at a corner of the yard where two patio chairs were sitting.

The position changes in this scene were very interesting, and enjoyable to watch. Half of the scene's content was spent with the two girls rotating between the two cowgirl positions. They even gave into some doggystyle as well as some other standing positions keeping things exciting. Amidst all the penetrative sex there were also instances of cocksucking in which Jessica, and Stacey briefly tended to their male friends' needs. I never saw the guys return the favor which seems to have been the case in every scene on this particular dvd. Regardless of the lack of mutual foreplay everything went smoothly, and was fun to watch. I could tell that both girls were definitely enjoying themselves as it showed through their every reaction. The guys were no doubt having lots of fun as well, but their faces were hardly shown which was probably a good thing. In the end one of the girls received a creampie in the doggystyle position while the other girl got a face full of cum with the help of her girlfriend who jacked the guy's cock off onto her face. It was a sweet way to end a foursome sex session.


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This dvd presentation was very surprising to me. I had honestly expected some poor quality scenes that would result in me bashing the fact that there were only five scenes in total. That was definitely not the case though. I will admit that the visuals could have been better, but the sex and the performers were really impressive for the most part. I absolutely loved the hotdog cookout scene with Aliha, and Allison. Both girls gave an exceptional performance in that scene. The car mechanic scene, and the poolside sex scene were noteworthy as well. When it came down to the worst scene I'd have to say it was the football party scene with Allison, and Samantha. The girls were honestly not that attractive, and the roleplaying scenario was the worst out of the lot. I will say that they did fairly well when it came to the sex part though. Weighing all of these previous observations together I can only "Recommend!!!" this dvd. It's definitely worth a viewing, and if you have the cash to spare I'd say it may even be worth a buy depending on your tastes in porn.

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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