Hot Video Magazine No.259 / January 2013 (Hot Video)

GENRE: Magazine, Publication


MSRP: 10.90 (EURO) / 14.54 (US) (

COVER GIRL: Lily Carter


It is January 2013, and once again Hot Video has released another amazing content filled issue of their long running magazine publication. The magazine arrived at my house via discreet packaging, and contained all the usual goodies that the publication is known for. Accompanying the large sized mag were three PAL region bonus dvds that each came in their own individually illustrated cardboard envelopes. One of the dvds was an Elegant Angel film that featured cover girl, Lily Carter. The title of the dvd was "Etudiantes en Sodo" which basically translates as, "Students in Anal" / "Anal Students". If you know of Elegant Angel then you know they produce high quality entertainment, so the inclusion of this bonus dvd was definitely a plus. Secondly there was an AVN award-winning dvd by Smash Pictures titled "Profond", or "Profound" in English. It's likely the best out of the lot.

Last but certainly not least is a double feature dvd that includes "Aide Menagere a Domicille No.2", and "Le Meilleur de Cindy ?". The first side of the dvd is basically what you call a family oriented sex dvd. The title roughly translates as "Help from the Housewife". It features images of an elderly man, a younger man and younger woman as well as what appears to be a wife / housewife. The second film on the disc is a "Best of" feature about a French porn star named Cindy. I couldn't figure out her last name, because the image of her head was blocking that info. As I mentioned earlier all of the included bonus dvds are region specific meaning that you will either have to play them on your PC with a video player (VideoLan), or on a region specific (PAL) dvd player.

You'll likely notice in the above photo that Hot Video has also included their signature separate calendar for the month. The inclusion of this standalone picture/calendar is that it definitely beats having to mess up your magazine in order to remove it from the actual issue. January's calendar girl is the lovely Rikki Six. I think I've seen her in the more high end adult films that studios such as Elegant Angel, and Digital Playground produce. If you are a porn collector like myself you could actually frame this calendar for keepsake purposes. It's just a thought I figured I'd throw out there to anyone willing to entertain such an idea.

As a proper adult publication this issue of Hot Video Magazine includes a variety of different features. You'll find that it's chock full of all sorts of interesting ads, entertainment critiques, and articles concerning the porn industry, and it's many performers. Towards the beginning of the mag you'll find the usual dvd offers, and info on things concerning Hot Video. There's even an introductory page welcoming the reader to this issue of the magazine. It's a personal touch that adds a sort of human quality to the mag. After that the magazine delves into news concerning all forms of entertainment. You'll see micro articles on the latest porn star social activities (Twitter), ratings, and new products such as the "Just-In Beiber Sex Toy" (I kid you not). There's plenty of Hollywood-like insider info on all the latest adult film industry happenings. In essence it's like a one stop place for all of your entertainment news.

There were a handful of interesting articles that really caught my attention in this issue. In the photo above the previous paragraph (the one with the cherry) there was an article titled "Lecher a Desirer" which roughly translates in English as "Licking to be Desired". From the images of naughty looking fruit that accompanied the article I gathered that it was talking about the pleasuring of the female anatomy by licking. It was definitely an interesting article to look at. I think this is probably the type of article that would be used to get the male audience more comfortable with the female anatomy. Sort of an educational read, if you will.

Another article that caught my attention was the one about Asphyxia, and her noir themed photo shoot/film. I've actually reviewed some Burning Angel Ent. dvds in the past with her in it, and I have to honestly say she's one of the more sexy looking Alt girls in the industry. In her article, "Asphyxia Noir se Fait Cuisiner (Asphyxia is Cooking/Hot")" we are blessed with some amazing photo stills of her sexy performance. I'm a fan of noir porn films, and Alt girls and I have to say this article definitely has my undivided attention. If you are looking for some quality Alt girl related porn info then you should definitely check this article out. Also be sure to check out Burning Angel Ent. dvds as they are the best in that sub-genre, and you'll find that Asphyxia is in a lot of them.

As you can probably tell by now I skipped over some of the magazine's content. I'm not one who believes in spoiling everything. With that being said though I think I gave you enough insight to spark an interest. If you are looking for a new, or interesting porn mag then I think you should definitely buy this issue of Hot Video Magazine, and give it a proper try. Sure there is the usual language barrier, but some of the best things in life don't come easy. The articles are definitely worth the read, and the photos that accompany them are equally as impressive. Even the four bonus dvds/films are something worth having. I'm going to leave it at that. I hope you have enjoyed the review, and that you have learned something interesting about the French side of the porn industry. Until next time I bid you farewell. Keep it sexy Ladies & Gents!

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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