Dorcel Magazine No.27 (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Magazine, Publication

PUBLISHER: Marc Dorcel

MSRP: 9.90 (EURO) / $13.14 (US) (

COVER GIRL: Claire Castel


Before I get into this review I need to say a few things regarding the magazine that I received. Usually the magazine comes in a sealed plastic bag with two bonus dvds that are each in individual cardboard envelopes. This time around that was not the case. I received only the magazine, and none of it's bonus content. As such I was only able to take pictures of the magazine itself. I'm assuming that there were bonus dvds included since they are advertised as usual on the front cover of the magazine, but I cannot be certain about that.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
As one would expect this larger than life magazine, otherwise known as the "Dorcel Magazine" features a lovely cover with a large image of this month's cover girl. For issue number 27 that cover girl is none other than 'Claire Castel'. She has been in numerous Dorcel dvd productions, and is quite an amazing performer. If you have read any of my reviews then you'll know that I have compared her to the Hollywood actress, Courtney Cox as she has similar facial features. Accompanying Claire on this cover of the Dorcel magazine publication is 'Laly' who is sexy in her own way. After glancing over the article I found that she is more of a fetish performer, and that she loves the ladies. Below the image of Laly you'll also notice a sexy ass from one of Dorcel's feature articles, "La Sodomie: Une Passion Profonde". The title of the article translates as, "Sodomy: A Profound Passion". As you probably guess the title of the article about Laly translates roughly as, "The Secrets of Laly".

The articles are definitely plenty in this issue of Dorcel Magazine. You'll find the usual preview, and behind-the-scenes articles about upcoming dvd releases such as, "Maximum Orgy: Pin-up Special", and "Dallas XXX". New to this particular issue though is the "Nephael Sexy Tour". This article details some of Nephael's (One of Marc Dorcel's female journalists) interviews, media encounters, and photo shoots with some of the world's leading performers/directors. This lady journalist also shares some photos with captions explaining exactly what it is she was doing at the time the picture was taken. As a journalist I find this sort of article extremely fascinating as it gives some insight on what other journalists in the industry are doing.

The above picture is that of a multi-page article that is filled with behind-the scenes info about last year's apocalyptic porn production, "The Last Shag". For those of you who follow me here you'll know that I reviewed this dvd, and gave it high praise. Tarra White gave one of the most believable performances I've ever seen in an adult film. Being able to read in this article about what the cast, and directing staff went through during the filming is a huge plus. If you haven't checked out the movie yet has it marked down in price by 43% on his online store. Be sure to pick it up while you can!

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
For those of you looking for some personal one-on-one time with some of Dorcel's leading ladies nothing comes closer than the three interviews from, Selena Rose (two pics up), Laly, and Claire Castel. Filled with all sorts of naughty secrets, and media insight these articles will no doubt keep you occupied for at least a little while. As usual you will also find plenty of exclusive photos displaying all three lovely ladies in the buff, and with partners. It's a win-win situation being able to see who you are reading about as you actually read. Do keep in mind though that as with all Dorcel magazines the written language is in French. There are ways to translate the articles online (Google Translate), but it will take you some time to do so. Do I think it's worth the time, and effort? Hell yes!

About halfway into the magazine you will find the usual two sided centerfold calender featuring girls from two very different Dorcel films. The photo above shows off February's calendar girls Iwia & Jessyca Wilson who happen to be in the film, "Russian Institute: La Directrice". On the opposite side is January's girl Aleska Diamond who stars in the film, "La Protegee". Both are very lovely images, and can be removed if you don't mind messing up your magazine. I myself like to keep magazines intact for collecting reasons.

Copyright © Marc Dorcel
The fans of the "Russian Institute" series will also find a special treat in this issue. Both Anna Polina, and Nasta Zya bless us with some extremely sexy triple X photos. Who doesn't like seeing gorgeous girls dressed in school attire, and being fucked? As you browse the several pages included in this article you'll find that there are a few captions, and a couple of short paragraphs for your reading pleasure. You'll also find that most of this section's offerings come in the form of full page to two page photo stills. The editor definitely knew which photos best suited this month's "Russian Institute" feature.

As you can probably imagine there are a few more articles that I have failed to display, or mention. The reason for that is that I don't want to give away too many spoilers. I feel that fans of the magazine deserve some surprises every now, and then. I will say that there's an article on one of Dorcel's shoots called "Maximum Anal". There's also an article with accompanying photos about the American performer, Jenna Jameson. Towards the end of the magazine you'll even find an article about the new website/online store that was created just for the female audience, by other women. I actually posted an article about it last year if you want to go back, and check it out for the links.

Well, that about wraps it up for this issue's review. I hope you enjoyed the details I offered you, and I hope it inspires you to give the magazine a proper chance. Until next time, "Keep it sexy Ladies & Gents!".

- Brad (OtakuDante) -


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