Adventures on the Lust Boat Part 3 (PRIVATE/Magik View Ent.)

GENRE: Feature, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Ettore Buchi

STUDIO/PRODUCER: PRIVATE / Magik View Entertainment

MSRP: $25.99 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 6 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio in this dvd is superb. For full clarity you only need to set your volume about halfway. As far as the video quality is concerned it seemed to be digitally mastered, or near HD (High Definition) in quality. Each scene was shown in a widescreen ratio/format that in no way took away from the viewing experience.

CAST: Brooklyn Lee, Jaelyn Fox, Aliz, Honey Demon, Abelia, Nataly Von



The title to this particular dvd is somewhat misleading. While it does contain a hint of a continuing theme it could still easily be viewed as a standalone film. After glancing over the dvd's cover I noticed that it had won several awards including 3 AVN, and 4 Venus awards. When I finished watching it could see why it warranted such attention, but did find some mediocre content within. Each of the five scenes that this dvd contains are of the best quality for the most part. You'll find plenty of rough sex as well as a variety of sexual group oriented scenes. Included in the feature are a few solo sex encounters as well as one all out orgy. With all the great content though I did find some minute complaints worth noting. They weren't anything really bad, but nevertheless they did keep me from giving the best rating possible, as you will see later on in the review.

As "Adventures on the Lust Boat Part 3" opens up the viewer is blessed with a hokey sort of theme music fitting of a "Love Boat" tribute. The focus of the film quickly turns to a mildly amateurish video editing format that displays thought clouds detailing the ships current location, and the time of day. As the camera pans over the Lust Boat a female narrator gives a brief introduction allowing the viewer to understand what is going on. Finally focusing on the swimming pool area of the boat we find a sexy crowd of half-naked couples lounging about outside of the pool. The first scene's focus is not on multiple couples though. Instead you'll find that the horny Brooklyn Lee has her eyes set on a hunky pool boy who is lingering nearby.

Stopping this unsuspecting gentleman in his tracks, Brooklyn Lee straight out tells him that she has payed a lot of Euros for the trip, and that she hasn't been fucked yet. Obliging the lady the muscular gentleman begins the sexual show off with some gentle kisses, and some hardcore finger banging. Afterwards the man's true nature shows as he gives her one of the roughest fuck sessions I have ever seen in porn. Whether it's throat fucking, or pussy pounding this guy does it all in a truly hardcore manner. As he continues on with his intense performance the bystanders take turns about stopping by the lustful pair for a close-up showing of the sexual encounter. It's like a Vegas show, only ten times better! After about forty minutes of pounding away at Brooklyn Lee's every hole the man finally comes all over her face, and in her mouth ending the scene on a very good note. The crowd applauded in unison as the scene finally arrived at it's end.

In scene two things simmer down slightly as a romantic sort of music fills the air around one lucky gentleman, and the famous porn star known as Nataly Von. This one-on-one encounter features all the hardcore action of the previous scene, but with a slightly less sadistic male performance. As the scene comes into focus we  see Nataly Von, and her male acquaintance lounging on the sun deck. The sun is setting in the background, and through some visual thought clouds we find that it is actually dusk on the ship. In a similar fashion to the previous scene the male performer offers a brief moment of foreplay before getting into the more hardcore penetrations. Most of the sex between the couple takes place on the lounge chair which Nataly was initially sitting on. It offers just the right platform for a good quality fuck. As the scene ensues Nataly receives some love marks in the form of large scratches, and endures some rough sex along the way. If I remember correctly Nataly went for mostly anal penetrations, and ended up getting a cumshot to the ass when it was all said, and done.

Just when I thought things couldn't get more naughty on the Lust Boat that's exactly what happened. In the third scene we find the female captain, and her shipmate at the Captain's desk discussing some paperwork matters. Shortly after their discussion three military soldiers enter the room demanding to see the paperwork. Unable to give it to them both Abelia, and Aliz use other means to persuade the three men to let them be. After pushing all three men upon an elongated table the two female captains get down to business showing the men one hell of a good time. In an all out orgy/gangbang fashion the girls satisfy their male acquaintances' every desires. There's plenty of oral sex involved, and even a couple instances of double penetrations shown throughout the scene's entirety. It's truly amazing that the three men involved were able to hold out for as long as they did considering that the two girls' performances were enough to erupt a normal man several times over. Finishing things off properly two of the men came in Aliz's mouth while the final man came upon Abelia's ass. Both girls shared a very messy kiss afterwards sealing the deal, and negating the need for any paperwork.

Returning to the solo sex encounters the director of this film gives us yet another scene with a single couple accompanied by somewhat out of place romantic music. In this fourth scene we find a Hispanic gentleman reclining on a lawn chair in the pool area. A stewardess happens up upon the man, and entices him with some sexual flirtation before getting down, and dirty. Giving into Jaelyn Fox's naughty advances the young man treats her to some brief, but somewhat intense foreplay. Afterwards Jaelyn strips off her official uniform, and engages in some surprisingly well performed sex. I had initially thought the guy looked a bit awkward performance wise, but in the end he delivered a quality fuck fitting of the dvd's hardcore theme. As with the other performers Jaelyn, and her man engaged in all sorts of rough penetrations, including some throat fucking. For the most part though the man stuck to vaginal penetrations, and did so in various positions on and around the lounge chair. In retrospect it was a lot similar to the theme displayed in scene two, only with different performers and a different locale. In the end the man came all over Jaylyn's breasts, respecting her face in the process. It was a decent way to end a scene.

In the fifth, and final scene the very lovely Honey Demon entertains a very flirtatious gentleman on the lounge deck overlooking the sea. As the scene opens up we find that Honey Demon is sitting alone in the ship's lounge area enjoying the view through some large portside windows. As fate would have it a handsome man strolls her way, and sits down beside her kissing her hand as he does so. Of Course this flirting quickly turns into heated sex as it does with all porn encounters, but the two performers keep it decent in doing so. The two lust birds quickly unclothe one another before finally engaging in intercourse.

What sets this solo scene apart from the others is the fact the the couple shown starts off strong with some very sexy standing penetrations. It's not often that one gets to see a couple doing a variety of different standing positions initially, but it does happen in this scene. After enjoying the intensity of the upright sex the horny couple quickly takes the sex to the floor switching positions up frequently as they tumble about. There's an occasional BJ intermission as well as penetrations in positions such as doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and spooning. The sex is definitely not dull in this scene, and it ends in a truly awesome way. Finishing things off in a properly Honey Demon takes a massive cumshot to the face, and mouth. She even sucks the man's cock off one last time as the scene fades to blackness. As the scene opens up one last time we catch a far off glimpse of the Lust Boat as it continues it's journey out to sea. with a closing narration from the female  narrator we are blessed with the knowledge that this dvd adventure will not be the last in the series. The words "To be continued ..." are displayed across the final black screen before the end credits are given.


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This dvd was a roller coaster ride. It started off really strong with Brooklyn Lee's submissive rough sex encounter, and fluctuated in intensity as the rest of the scenes played out. Both Brooklyn's, and Abelia's & Aliz's scenes were hands down the best I'd ever watched in a 2012 production. Even if you were a man who had a limp dick before watching these two scenes your cock would be erect, and at attention in no time. In fact any man watching these scenes would probably be spent only a fraction of the way into the scene. The energy was absolutely amazing, and the sex was intense the entire length of each of these scenes. As far as the remaining scenes are concerned they were decent, but were far from being as great as the before mentioned scenes. Looking back I think out of all the solo couple scenes the one with Honey Demon was the best. That girl really rocked that scene with her performance. The remaining two scenes that I did not mention were too similar in that they occurred on a lounge chair. I think a little more variety would have been nice in those instances.

Another complaint I have is that the editing seemed to be a little amateurish. While the sex scenes themselves were solid (for the most part) the whole thought cloud/location/time of day displays seemed to be out of place. There were also a couple of instances where the scene would briefly cut out before showing the final cumshot. It did not look professional to me when this happened. With all of these complaints I still find that this dvd is very much worth a purchase. As far as giving it a rating goes that's sort of difficult for me to do. Part of me is thinking it warrants a "Must Have!!!" while another part of me says " Highly Recommended!!!". All I know is that if you do not have this dvd you should get it. It's most definitely worth the asking price!

VERDICT: Highly Recommended!!!


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