2 Chicks at the same Time Vol.12 (Naughty America)

GENRE: Group Sex, Threesomes, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Naughty America

MSRP: $24.99 (US) (http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1633898/2-chicks-same-time-vol-12-porn-movies.html)



AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio in this particular dvd is not the best of quality. It has an echoing/cavernous sound quality about it that is honestly sort of annoying. As far as the volume levels are concerned they were set pretty high, and as such there's no need to crank the volume up even halfway. I think the fact that I have a screener dvd may have something to do with the poor pre-production sound quality. As far as the video quality is concerned it is very good. The picture is vivid, and there's little to no flaws involved. Each scene is presented in a widescreen ratio that in no way takes away from the viewing experience.

CAST: Carmen McCarthy, Nicole Aniston, Skin Diamond, Leilani Leeane, Anna Fox, Rachel Roxxx, Holly Michaels, Lexi Belle, Krissy Lynn, Asa Akira, Juelz Ventura



Most sexually active heterosexual guys would probably tell you that having sex with more than girl at a time would be a dream come true (pun intended). Whether, or not that is fact It would most definitely be a very exciting occasion regardless. In Naughty America's "2 Chicks at the Same Time Series" they aim to share the experience with those who will never be so lucky. All the sexy excitement one would imagine to be included in such a sexual experience is displayed in it's entirety through various roleplaying scenarios. You will see multiple girls/women engaging in horny sex with unsuspecting/suspecting men. Each encounter is unique adding to the dvd's overall replay value. The fact that there are five full-length scenes in volume 12 of the series only further adds to the series' quality standards.

Lexi Belle/Krissy Lynn

In this scene both Lexi, and Krissy take on the role of two very bored roomates. While waiting for their third roomate's male dog sitter to arrive they are visited by the roomate's hunky boyfriend Mic instead. Mistaking him for the dog sitter they take full advantage of the situation, and seduce poor Mic as he joins them on the living room sofa. Taking turns about these girls slob on Mic's knob, ride him cowgirl style, and even have him eat out their pussies. Lexi, and Krissy's energy knows no bounds as the express their excitement, and arousal through loud vocal expressions. The sex is hot, and the finish is equally as so. In the end Mic comes all over the two girls' breasts putting an end to the rather naughty engagement. When the deed was done the girls finally realize through Mic's confession that he was indeed not the man they thought he was, and they laughingly rub Mics cum on each other as they think about what they did.

Skin Diamond/Leilani Leeane/Ana Foxxx

In this scene we are graced with the presence of three of the most sexy dark skinned girls that porn has ever produced. Unlike the title suggests though there are three girls instead of two. The most recognizable of the bunch is Skin Diamond. Skin Diamond is what you'd consider to be an ALT girl, or a girl who represents an alternative lifestyle. Her body is adorned with tattoos, and even her semi-shaved hairstyle suits this type of personality. As the scene begins it becomes apparent that the roleplay theme of this particular scene is about a coach/judge, and some cheerleaders who are seeking to persuade his upcoming competition decision.

Both Skin Diamond, and her cheerleading partner, Ana Foxxx have devised a naughty plan to persuade the judge to choose them as the winners in the upcoming competition. Before they can follow through with their plan though they find that Leilani has already beaten them there, and is giving the judge a blowjob herself. Without hesitating the two rival cheerleaders make themselves known to the judge in a blunt manner. Shortly after entering an argument between the three girls ensues. After the between the dueling competitors is through they decide that the only way to solve who is the best is for them to all have sex with the judge, and ultimately be judged on their sexual performance. Through many blowjobs, lots of cock riding, and some unusual sex position changes the girls give it their all in an attempt to win over the judge's approval. In the end the would be judge resigns from the position, and faces a judgement of his own as the girls tell him their intent of ratting him out to the proper authorities.

Asa Akira/Juelz Ventura

Asa Akira, and Juelz Ventura take a on a strong leading role in this fantasy sex encounter about a male fitness trainer, and is two horny female trainees. As the scene opens up we find Asa, and Juelz casually walking up to the trainer's house as they discuss how they have missed him lately. It turns out that the girls have happened up upon him just in time to soothe his aching heart. The poor trainer had lost his girlfriend of five years, and is in a miserable state of mind. After the girls try to talk him back into returning to the gym they realize that it's going to take more than verbal positivity to persuade their handsome instructor to return. Without too much hesitation Asa, and Juelz win the man over with some gentle groping which in turn leads to an all out threesome.

The sex in this scene definitely makes for an enjoyable viewing. Both Asa, and Juelz are extremely sexy in their own ways. For those of you who don't know it, Asa is of the Asian persuasion, and is currently a rising star in the adult film industry. Her partner Juelz has been in the industry a little longer I believe, and is what you'd call an ALT girl. Her body is adorned with tattoos, one of which is a full arm tattoo. Both of these lovely ladies end up getting their quality share of one-on-one penetration time with the down-and-out trainer throughout the scene. They even aid each other with some bi-sexual stimulation in the form of female-on-female oral sex. In the end there were no dull moments as these two ladies had their way with with the trainer in more ways than one. To finish things off the male performer who played the part of the trainer ended up coming in Juelz pussy giving her a creampie which Asa then partook of. Asa, and Juelz shared one last sloppy cum-filled kiss before the scene faded out ultimately ending the scene on a very good note.


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It's very difficult for me to give this dvd a proper rating as it had some serious flaws about it. The first flaw I noticed during my viewing was that the audio was extremely loud, and had an echoing effect. It was kind of like it was an unedited version of the film. The second, and most significant flaw was the menu system. I was unable to access the fourth scene through the scene selection menu. Even when trying to go back, and  fastforward through the main play mode I was still unable to get the dvd to play the fourth scene. As much as I want to promote this video I can't. Something this broken just doesn't warrant a purchase. Even so it could be that the problem is the fact that I was viewing a screener copy which may differ from the final product. Whether, or not that is the case I can't be for sure though. For now I'm gonna have to say skip this one, sorry Naughty America.



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