HOT VIDEO Magazine No.258 (VCV Communication/HOT VIDEO)

GENRE: Magazine, Publication


MSRP: 10.90 (EURO) / $18 (US) ( *WARNING!* POP-UPS!!!

PERFORMERS: Marika Hase, Brooklyn Lee, Lea Lexis, Nikki Charm, Kimberly Kane, Nataly Von, Mira Sunset, Candy Alexa, Tiffany Doll, Lily Love ...


It has become apparent to me that European porn directors/studios, and magazine publishers offer more quality content than that of their American counterparts. HOT VIDEO, for example produces an obviously popular adult mag that has been in circulation for years. This issue that I'm reviewing here is numbered as No.258 which can attest for the publications longevity. Upon opening up the sealed plastic cover that kept the contents secure I found many pleasant surprises. The first thing I noticed though was the magazine's large size. In comparison to the American porn publications this one is definitely larger, and as such I found that the content inside was more plentiful. Getting back to the additional content though ...

Accompanying this December issue of HOT Video magazine was a single sheet calender featuring Marika Hase, a Japanese fetish performer. There were also three bonus dvds (The Four, Le Bois Des Putains No.2, Plein le Q/Evil Anal 12) tucked away behind the magazine awaiting the buyer's discovery. The dvds included though were unfortunately PAL encoded only. Viewing them will have to be done with a region specific dvd player, or on your PC if you have a compatible video player app.

After snapping some photos of the magazine's content I took the time to sit down, and browse the mag. I noticed that in a lot of ways it was like the Playboy, and Penthouse mags of the United States. The magazine offered a lot of insight on world culture including porn/movie critiques, product reviews, news, and the usual porn related advertisements. While the ads were a bit overwhelming compared to the other articles, the featured articles more than made up for their presence. During my read through of the mag I noticed a few of those noteworthy articles that really stood out to me. One such article was about a recent French Bukkake event (150 men & 1 woman). Those of you who have read my Xcritic bio know of my love for the Bukkake fetish. Any girl who is willing to let 50 -100+ men cum on their faces, and bodies definitely deserves some recognition. The buxom lady who was featured definitely got her much deserved time in the spotlight. I do wish their were more pics to go along with the article though.

As a reviewer of porn I find it interesting how other porn reviewers rate the products from the industry. In HOT VIDEO magazine the editor has special section for porn critiques with a review rating scale that is not that different from my own. While their rating icons featuring an erect penis are more professional they still judge VODs, DVDs, and Internet Sites according to the quality of the content as I do. Things like performances, visual quality, and sound quality all add up together to bring the final 1-5 erection rating. Looking back I definitely like the fact that the mag covered more than just dvd reviews with their short, yet unrelenting critiques. VODs (Videos on Demand), and internet porn sites are a huge part of the adult entertainment culture, and as such it's nice to see that this particular French magazine includes all forms of the media with their critiques.

When it comes to showing off the more hardcore side of the adult entertainment industry HOT VIDEO magazine doesn't shy away. The article on the Japanese fetish star, Marika Hase for example displays several bondage photos along with an in-depth look at the porn star's lifestyle via a personal interview. You'll see her lying on a bed of white with her hands, and feet tied firmly behind her back. A photo featuring a ball gag that is strapped to her open mouth also accompanies the several larger than life photo images. It's always nice to be able to read an article based on the lifestyle of adult performer such as Marika Hase, and have quality photos to go along with the information that is provided. Speaking as a fan of all things Japanese I have to say Marika is definitely a "Perfect 10", and this article only proves that further. If you are into fetish material then you'll certainly love this cover girl's article, and photos.

Aside from the Asian, and European aspects of the porn industry the reader will also find a pleasant look into the American side of the industry through the eyes of our European friends. News articles, and micro reviews give details on some of western civilization's finest adult studio productions, and pop culture. I saw short articles, and quotes relating to such Hollywood actors/actresses as Elijah Wood, and Emily Watson during my reading. Even Miley Cyrus was mentioned briefly. As far as studio productions were concerned I noticed micro-reviews on some of Evil Angel's (Asian Fuck Faces 2), and PRIVATE's western oriented porn productions. One of the more major articles in the mag even featured a new John Stagliano vampire porn parody titled "Voracious" which had Brooklyn Lee, and Lea Lexis as two of it's main stars. The content is definitely diverse in a HOT VIDEO magazine.

One of the more interesting, and lengthy articles provided in this issue of HOT VIDEO mag was the one about Elegant Angel director Graham Travis. It detailed his views, and opinions concerning some of his works (Portrait of a Call Girl & Wasteland). There were even mentions of AVN awards for his productions as well as thoughts concerning other directors, and performers. Graham gave the editor detailed insight on what it's like to be a porn director, and how the job has affected him throughout the years. As a reviewer, adult film critic, and fan of adult entertainment I found it to be a very educational article The article itself was appropriately titled "Portrait of an Elegant Angel Director, Graham Travis", and matched the subject matter perfectly. If you are a fan of Elegant Angel productions as I am then this will be something that will interest you.

When it comes down to coverage of porn's leading ladies they definitely get their fair share of space in this magazine publication. Aside from the Marika Hase feature article you'll also find a full-on fuck session with the truly sexy Lily Love. Her article features huge graphic images of her sexual encounter with a handsome male porn star. As a reader of the mag you'll be blessed with the occasional sex related quote, and several photos of hardcore sex acts involving Lily, and her stud friend. For those who love all natural sex the photos shown display no used condoms, and even shows Lily posing with cum on her protruding tongue. The photos are vivid, and definitely show off all that Lily has to offer. Along with these amazing pics you'll find links to the websites Lily Love is associated with.

All in all HOT VIDEO magazine is a quality porn publication that does not shy away from the hardcore side of adult entertainment. It features news on the latest happenings concerning the adult film industry, as well as the entertainment industry in general. You'll find plenty of content when you pick up this latest issue. The 3 bonus dvds only add to it's value. In retrospect this magazine definitely offers more bang for your buck. While it is a French publication, that features French text it still stands as one of the more noteworthy adult entertainment magazine publications available today. If you have spare time to translate the articles provided (google translate) then you'll be blessed with some of the best editorials out there. If your looking for eye candy then it has plenty of that as well. In closing I can honestly say that this magazine is worth the asking price. It may be in French, but if you are a true porn connoisseur as I am then you'll be able to get past the language barrier for the visual, and reading enjoyment that it offers.

VERDICT: Highly Recommended!!!


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