RedLight Sex Trips - Part 3 (Pure Play Media)

GENRE: European, Foreign, Gonzo

DIRECTOR: Uncredited

STUDIO: Pure Play Media

MSRP: $24.99 (


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 23 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO:The audio is not the best I've ever heard, but that is kind of expected considering the video itself was recorded using a hidden camera. At times it is definitely hard to understand what the host is saying. As far as video quality goes it was decent, but again it wasn't the best. The scenes were all displayed in a 16:9 widescreen ratio that in no way took away from the viewing experience.

CAST: Oivind (Norway), Jimmy da Silva (San Marino), Ulli (Austria), Lucio (Colombia), Sahid (Egypt), William (Switzerland)



This dvd, and dvd series could easily be described as "Educational Travel Porn" (I made that up in case anyone wants to know). This particular dvd spans over two hours in length, and features lucky men from all over the world who have decided to book a hands-on guided tour of Amesterdam's infamous "Red Light District". The true itself journey all begins when the lucky gentlemen apply for the trip via a form on a website called ''. After applying their requests to the site via the "HookerBooker" form the hosts, and the applicants go over thedetails of the scheduled trip through email. Upon arriving in Amsterdam the host/hostess Rick, and Ilsa meet with the selected men at a predetermined locations. From there the applicants receive some brief history on the district, and it's many surroundings. The host/hostess then follows up with some simple questions as to what the men prefer when it comes to their choice of ladies, and what sort of sexual preferences they might have. Once all those details are squared away the applicants are then taken to a girl/hooker of the host's choosing.

Upon arriving at the the selected girls' booth the host/hostess, and their guest go over the rules as well as discuss the cost of the session with the girl in question. In this particular video the host/hostess pay the girls extra for additional sex favors, and for the opportunity to videotape the session, so that they can send the guest home with a memento. The rooms in which most of the sex takes place are small in size, so the men hardly get any privacy from the camera crew who are recording the video. Portions of the recorded sexual intercourse are fast forward allowing the viewer only a glimpse of the full act. In that sense it was definitely not what I'd consider to be "jerk off" material.

The men/applicants on this part of the dvd series came from such places as Norway, Switzerland, Colombia, Austria, San Marino, and even as far away as Egypt. The men varied in personality for the most part, but all had the same thing on their mind. Ulli from Austria seemed to be the most inexperienced of the men. He had a boyish appearance, and an odd allergy to rubber. As such he wasn't made to wear a condom, but the host did have him take a physical screening before coming on the trip. As far as the other men go they were mostly your "playboy" type. They new exactly what they were doing when it came down to having sex with their female partners. Jimmy da Silva from San Marino, for example gave his hooker partner (Raven) a proper pounding that she requested more of after the session was through. Each of the men had their own unique taste in women. Ulli preferred petite blondes with nice asses while Oivind from Norway preferred dark-skinned ladies, and anal sex. The Egyptian, who was recently divorced preferred servicing pussy. He said it was a taboo thing to do in his country, so he did exactly that when he got with his girl. 

When it came to having sex some of the guys were naturals while a couple were a little awkward. The ladies involved were educated enough though to guide the lost subjects in the right direction. Some scenes on the dvd featured sex that was more on the casual, and intimate side like the scene with Ulli in it. You could tell he did not really know what he was doing. Other men like Jimmy could have easily been a male porn star. He had all the right moves, and switched positions like a pro. When Jimmy got through with his first session, Raven who was his girl asked him to stay for another round and even said she might should pay him. I think the luckiest guy of all besides Jimmy was the last man on the dvd, Lucio. This Colombian playboy was treated to a threesome when the female hostess opted to joined in the session. It was all very interesting to say the least.


Overall I thought the dvd was more on the educational side of things. Sure it had all the sex elements, but the fast-forwarding really ruined any chance for it being a pleasurable viewing. As far as the selection of ladies go they weren't exactly porn stars. The good thing about this though is that it gave the viewer a true-to-life look at what really goes on within the Red Light District. I learned plenty of things from the dvd including some history of the area. The fact that the Red Light District was deemed dangerous by the host makes me want to not even consider going there. From the way he talked there were gang infested areas, and crime was pretty bad. I guess that's what's expected from a place where prostitution is legalized though. In the end I thought the dvd was interesting enough to watch the thing in one viewing. If you don't mind a more "educational" kind of porn then this might just suit your fancy.

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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