Hairy Twatter (DreamZone Entertainment)

GENRE: Parody, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Jordan Septo

STUDIO: DreamZone Entertainment

MSRP: $25.69 (



AUDIO/VIDEO:The first thing you need to understand before reading this quality report is that I was viewing a screener copy of the film. As a result the final product will likely be significantly better than what I got to see. With that being said though the picture quality of this dvd was as impressive as it would be if you were watching a retail copy of the film. It seemed to be HD to me, but I cannot be for certain. The audio on the other hand seemed to be of poor quality, and often seemed as if it were an unedited studio recording version of the film. Some of the audio seemed to sound as if it were echoing, or if it were recorded in a tunnel-like surrounding. All of this should be corrected in the final version though.

CAST: Jessie Andrews, Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas, Katie St. Ives, Nora Skyy, Sammy Grand, Tara Lynn Fox, Tyler Nixon



It was inevitable that a porn parody of "Harry Potter" would some day come to light. As it turns out Jordan Septo was the director who took on the project. In the end I'd say he delivered the final product in a fairly significant way. Through decent directing, and a cast that looked somewhat reminiscent of their Hollywood counterparts "Hairy Twatter" the adult parody came to life bringing with it an adult fantasy that most would have never fathomed. Without overstepping the boundaries of true perversity, Jordan Septo opted to have a cast that would resemble the more grown-up versions of everyone's favorite wizards, and witches. Thankfully he did so, because it would have been taboo otherwise.

Among the cast members involved in the project were popular adult film stars such as Seth Gamble, Katie St. Ives, and some newer stars and starlets I did not immediately recognize. Seth Gamble, a rising male porn star took on the role of Harry. In an odd way he looked very similar to Daniel Radcliffe who played the role of the original Harry Potter. Aside from Seth, and the girl who played the part of "Hormone" (Hermione Granger's look-alike) the rest of the cast barely resembled who they were portraying. With that being said it wasn't bad thing. The cast members were definitely sexy, and were all sporting attire fitting of the original film. It was awesome in it's own way.

When it came down to giving a detailed plot the story told in "Hairy Twatter" was almost non-existent. There were a handful of short five minute roleplay scenarios between each sex scene that briefly portrayed Harry, and Ron's roles concerning the hairy bush spell that was cast on the ladies of "Whore's Warts School for Witches & Wizards". As a result sex became the main focus of the parody. All of the sex shown ended up being hardcore in nature which is always a plus when it comes to porn. The sex was condom free throughout which made the viewing a more pleasurable experience.

For the most part the ladies of "Hairy Twatter" would start off the sex part of scene sucking, and deepthroating the guys' cocks before mounting them for a proper ride. Some positions variations such as doggystyle were also added to the mix to spice things up. As a cumshot enthusiast I got little satisfaction from the final results of each sex scene though. Most of the male cast ended up spending their loads on the female actresses' bushes, or abdomens. Seth Gamble (Harry) was the only exception to this rule as he spent one of his loads on the face, and mouth of one of his female partners. Overall it wasn't that bad of a thing. The sex more than made up for the inadequate finishes. When it's all said, and done I think there's definitely something here for all fans of the "Harry Potter" series, and even for those who have never seen a "Harry Potter" movie in their life. If you have ever fantasized about sexual relationships between the original "Harry Potter" cast then "Hairy Twatter" will definitely make that fantasy a visually impressive reality.


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After watching as much of the film as I could (the screener disc was flawed) I came to the conclusion that it wasn't exactly the greatest parody I've ever seen, but it wasn't the worst either. It was truly uncanny how close Seth Gamble, the male performer who played Harry resembled Daniel RadCliffe. The make-up artists had his hair done up exactly like the Harry Potter of the original film. This added to his many other similarities. In the end it was cosmetic details like these that made the fantasy of the "Hairy Twatter" porn parody all the more enjoyable.

I do wish that there had been more time spent with the plot as it felt a little rushed to me. The five minute sections of dialogue shared between the actors, and actresses was only good enough to get the basic point across, and not much else. It would also have been interesting to have seen some dildo wands used within the film. That would certainly have made for some excellent review related puns not to mention some exciting sexual situations. That is my opinion though. Overall the film was good for what it was, but as I said earlier in the conclusion it's not the greatest. I had expected so much more from the dvd. More dialogue, and better quality acting would have been nice.

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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