Godfather a DreamZone Entertainment Parody (DreamZone Ent.)

GENRE: Pardoy, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Lee Roy Myers

STUDIO: DreamZone Entertainment

MSRP: $29.99 (http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1617322/godfather-xxx-porn-movies.html)


LENGTH: 2 Discs (Special Edition) - 1 hr. 53 mins. + Bonus Disc

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio in this film is superb. There's little to no need to crank the volume up high. Even if you use a standard television as I did you'll be able to hear this dvd clearly. As far as the video quality goes it is nothing less than amazing. The visuals are of Hollywood film quality. The lighting, and presentation of each scene are delivered in a truly vivid way. The film itself is displayed in a widescreen ratio that in no way takes away from the viewing experience.

CAST: Bridgette B., April O'Neil, Kagney Linn Karter, Jessie Andrews, Veruca James, Mr. Pete, Anthony Rosano, Tommy Pistol, Peter Oh Tool, Lee Roy Myers



DreamZone Entertainment has created one of the best adult parodies ever made with this Godfather related parody. At the heart of the film lies "Dong" Whorleone, a man who operates the world's largest adult dvd distribution empire. Along for the ride are his sons, some sexy ladies, and some devious enemies who have their greedy eyes on the Dong's enterprise. You will bare witness to ruthless betrayal that is dealt in the most sexiest of ways. With scenes oddly reminiscent of the original Godfather film DreamZone adds many twists that you'll not soon for get. Among the cast of performers are the hilarious Tommy Pistol (Michael Whorleone) who is likely the best porn actor I have ever witnessed, and Peter O'Tool who tackles the role of the Godfather with brilliant results. As far as the ladies go there are plenty of stunning specimens such as Jessie Andrews (Jenny Fontaine), and Bridgette B. who go out of their way to deliver one heck of a sexual performance.

When it comes to delivering worthy theatrical content, and hardcore sex DreamZone Entertainment does not disappoint. Tommy Pistol takes the lead in a couple of truly awesome scenes that feature hilarious porn, and Godfather related skits. Jessie Andrews (Jenny Fontaine), one of the sexiest starlets of the film delivers an intense, and visually exciting oral sex session the likes of which I haven't seen in a long time. She takes on a throat banging that will definitely have any man spent minutes into the scene. Even less involved performers/characters such as Anthony Rosano (Luca), and his female partner Veruca James give outstanding sexual performances that raise the bar on what is great in porn.

Extras also play a huge role in the greatness that is "Godfather A DreamZone Parody". The two disc dvd set that I got had a bonus disc filled to the brim with significant extras. There was a behind the scenes featurette showing off what all went into the actual porn shoot. There were also some really cool features such as "bloopers & outtakes", and even a "Non-Sex" version of the film. Aside from those things there were interviews with some of the best cast members/performers. I think my favorite feature of all though was the interview with "Tommy Pistol". I laughed my ass off as I watched the interview. Tommy is one of the funniest male performers you'll ever watch, and it was truly awesome that he got a significant role in this film. In the end "Godfather A DreamZone Parody" delivers in a truly noteworthy way. There was never a dull moment, and the sex was amazing! Who could ask for more!


- Friendly Version (Non-Sex Version)
- Behind the Scenes
- Photo Gallery
- Interviews
- Outtakes/Bloopers
- Free DVD Offer
- Trailers
- Phone Fun
- More Fun


I can't stress enough how great this parody was. The actors, and actresses were brilliant. While some of the dialogue was a little on the silly side it was delivered in a professional manner. I was really impressed by how movie-like the film looked. It was visually impressive on so many levels. It was awesome that DreamZone Ent. opted to use Tommy Pistol as one of their lead male performers. I don't think I've ever been disappointed with a porn film that had him in it. When it came down to the ladies they all gave hotter than hell performances. Two of the girls in the film really stood out from the rest though. I think Jessie Andrews gave the most impressive oral sex performance I've ever seen. She definitely took it like a pro. The other girl I speak of is a female performer I'd never actually heard of. Veruca James gave an amazingly energetic sexual performance that outdid many of the well known female performers out there today. Overall this parody is what I like to call a "full package". It most certainly warrants my prestigious "Must Have!!!" rating. If you haven't got this dvd yet hurry up, and do so. You will not be disappointed.

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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