Enterrement De Vie De Juene Fille Aux Caraibes (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Foreign, European, All Sex

DIRECTOR: Max Bellocchio

STUDIO: Marc Dorcel

MSRP: 34.95 (EURO) / $42.93 (US) (http://www.dorcelstore.com/en/enterrement-de-vie-dejeune-fille-aux-caraibes.html)


LENGTH: 1 hr. 35 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO:The audio in this dvd seems to be digital in nature. The sound quality is superb, and needs little volume adjustment for you to be able to enjoy the environmental ambiance, and sexual orgasms. The video quality is also impressive. It features near HD quality, if not pure HD. The locales of the film look absolutely amazing as do the performers themselves. The entire film was shown in a widescreen display that in no way took away from the viewing experience.

CAST: Anna Polina, Daria Glower, Tarra White, Nataly Von, Avril Sun, Melanie Memphis, Abbie Cat



Director Max Bellocchio breathes life into an erotic tale about pre-marriage cheating that could very easily be a true to life story. This erotic yet hardcore film follows the narrated story of a bachelorette named Veronica (Anna Polina), and her two female friends Angela, and Tarra (Tarra White). The three girls are on vacation celebrating Veronica's last days of single life. As the film begins the viewer is thrust into Veronica's tale of exotic sex, and betrayal via a well versed narration. Between the narrated pieces of plot Veronica's story unfolds through backdrops of stunning locales, and some of the most impressive sex scenes I've ever witnessed. Veronica, and her friends engage in all sorts of lurid sexual activities after finding out that Veronica's husband to be has already cheated on her. In a bout of sexual revenge that outweighs her future husband's deed, Veronica goes all out as she engages in sex with fellow tourists, and random males she found during her nights in the Caribbean. In the end she discovers a freedom that many people only dream of.


- Making Of (French/English/German "Deutsch")
- 8 Trailers


The sex within this film is nothing short of breathtaking. The locales of the actual sex scenes added a sort of fantasy-like atmosphere the likes of which I have never seen in an adult dvd presentation. You'll witness a random couple having sex on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean as well as in the crystal clear waters of the shore. Anna Polina delivers several quality scenes as well in which she really shines as she does what she does best. The other performers such as Tarra White, Abbie Cat, and all of the other lovely ladies of the cast give noteworthy performances as well. As you view this film you'll likely notice that the director favored threesomes as there are several within the film. Some of the threesomes included two girls, and a guy while others like the one with Anna featured two guys. All in all there was never a dull moment as the director definitely made sure of it.

As far as the sex goes there were many different sexual positions explored throughout this film. Some of the girls took on slightly less hardcore roles doing the basic positions while others like Anna took on nearly every position in the book. At one point Anna even got DP'd (Double Penetrated) during her threesome scene. If you're a cumshot fan like myself then you'll also be glad to hear that Anna takes several shots to the face, and mouth. Anna Polina even went so far as to do a blowjob only scene. It was definitely a nice change of pace considering all of the other sex scenes were full blown. When it comes to overall quality I think this dvd gets it right in all categories. This was actually the first time I reviewed a dvd by this director, and I have to say he did an outstanding job. I definitely think it warrants the "Must Have!!!" rating. If you don't mind ordering your porn from online/France, and like high quality adult films then you need to get this one for your collection. As usual I provided a link for you, so there no excuse as to why you can't find it.

VERDICT: Must Have!!!


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