Education Tres Severe: Sport Extreme / Young Harlots: Sex Athletics (Marc Dorcel)

GENRE: Sports, College/University, All Sex, Foreign, European

DIRECTOR: Gazzman Young

STUDIO: Marc Dorcel

MSRP: 34.95 (EURO) / $43.13 (US) (


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 14 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The audio in this dvd was presented in what seems to be a digital format. There is no need to adjust the volume very much in order to be able to hear it properly. In fact I had my TV set to the lowest volume, and could still hear it very well. As far as the video quality goes it's just as good as any other Marc Dorcel film/dvd. Each scene is presented in a widescreen ratio that in no way takes away from the viewing experience.

CAST: Megan Coxxx, Aleska Diamond, Misha/Avril Sun, Eufrat/Candy Love, Viktoria Diamond, Nicole Evans


Scene 1: Misha

This scene was fairly interesting. It featured a male performer who looked as if he could easily pass as Jean Claude Van Damme's twin brother. The girl of the scene on the other hand was mildly attractive, and likely a newcomer to the adult film industry. As far as sizing Misha up goes she was very thin, and somewhat lanky. Some of the close-ups made her face look a good bit less attractive while the more distanced views made her appear to be really sexy. When it came to the sex portion of the scene both performers did quite well. They had a good chemistry going on, and interacted as if they'd been in the business for years.

To begin with The male performer who played the role of Misha's coach gave her a spanking for her less than perfect sports performance. After that he stripped her of her university uniform he had her get down on her knees in front of him to suck his massive cock. When he was through enjoying the oral attention he returned the favor by licking, and fingering Misha's tight pussy. From that point on the sex was anything but softcore. The male performer gave Misha a proper pounding in several different sex positions including missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, and reverse-cowgirl. The doggystyle was probably the most intense of all though. In the end the male performer came all over Misha's pussy, and inserted his spent cock inside her one last time before letting her sample a taste. It was a decent scene, but not great.

Scene 2: Avril Sun

Avril Sun is one of those unique female performers that breaks the visual mold that most porn actresses go by. In fact I'd say she had the most unique, and pretty face I've seen in porn in a long time. I'm usually not a fan of younger porn starlets, but Avril may have just stolen my heart. When it comes down to physical appearance Avril definitely had a lot going for her. Her body had some very sexy curves, and as I mentioned earlier her face was breathtakingly beautiful. If you're interested in hair color Avril was rocking a sandy blonde look.

In this sex scene Avril ended up getting paired with an older gentleman who played the role of one of the university elders. He took Avril to his office to discipline her, but as you can guess the scolding turned into an all out fuck fest. When it comes to length this scene definitely featured a lot of content, and position changes. Both Avril, and her male partner were all over the place screwing in every position imaginable. This of course included some standing penetrations which you don't often see unless the male performer involved is strong enough to hold up and support the girl he is with. Aside from that the two also performed a lot of oral sex techniques on one another. The male performer often times had Avril give him a handjob as well as the occasional blowjob. He also gave his fair share of attention to Avril spending quality time licking, and fingering her pussy. In the end the male performer came between Avril's ass crack coating her asshole, and pussy with a fairly solid glaze. It was an okay seen/finish, but was a little too long to hold a viewers' attention, if you know what I mean?

Scene 3: Megan Coxxx

This scene was fucking hilarious! I could not take it seriously at all. The two performers involved this time around were the Jean Claude Van Damme look-alike, and Megan Coxxx who looked similar to the Hollywood actress "Megan Fox". They definitely made for an interesting pair. Anyways ... The scene began on a serious note with a cliche plot involving Megan Coxxx who was interested in getting some personal one-on-one training from Mr. Manning. Mr. Manning was minding his own business at the time, grooming himself in front of his bedroom mirror when the sexy English lass happened up with a bowl full of strawberries. Everyone knows strawberries are the porn fruit (just saying ...). After talking trashy to her half-naked coach Megan decides it's best that she lose some clothing articles, so she can better train with her teacher. Her motives of course are far less than pure. After revealing her true intent to her mentor Megan, and the muscular coach get it on in one of the most hilarious, and hardcore sex sessions I've ever seen.

The sex part of this scene was filled with lots of manly grunting, and constant one-liners that only a baffoon would think up. Amidst the laughter provoking comments of Mr. Manning was the serious dialogue from Megan who spoke with a heavy British accent. There was likely as much talking nonsense as there was sex in this scene. As far as the actual sex is concerned it was intense!!! Megan Coxxx received a serious pounding from her partner that was truly unrelenting. The two fucked on the bed, in front of the mirror, and even in a chair. The positions were limited to mostly doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, and missionary though. With that being said the scene was still very much exciting, if you could get past it's comedic value. In the end, after an exhausting bout of hardcore sex Mr. Manning came all over Megan's face. He finished the scene properly by saying, "I LOVE YOUR HEAD!!!". Lol!!!

Scene 4: Aleska Diamond

It seems that the French headmasters of the university are jealous of Mr. Manning's way with the ladies. They are quite the selfish lot, and intend on reclaiming the girls as their own. When the scene opens the three headmasters are discussing what exactly to do about the situation when they are distracted by the lovely Aleska who just so happens to walk down the hall across from them. They stop her, and question her asking if she has ever had sex with the American teacher, Mr. Manning. She replies saying yes, and that he makes her horny. Distraught by this revelation the three gentlemen try to regain Aleska's respect via a hardcore foursome.

Aleska, being the hardcore oriented female performer that she is allows the three male performers to do pretty much as they please with her. As it goes with any session of group sex though two of the guys end up tag teaming her while the lone man waits for an opening. The three guys actually began with a blowbang, and then worked their way into more sophisticated sex positions that included both vaginal and anal penetrations. During several parts of the scene two of the men would DP Aleska leaving her mouth open for the remaining man. The DPs actually happened in the missionary, and doggystyle positions giving a variety to the views that were shown. In the end one of the male performers came all over Aleska's pussy while the other two male performers came across her chest. This ended up being one of the better scenes that the film had to offer.

Scene 5: Viktoria Diamond

The sordid tale comes to a close as one of the headmasters devises a plan to rid the campus of Mr. Manning permanently. In his company is a lovely blonde haired lass/student named Viktoria Diamond (Whether, or not she's related to Aleska I'm not sure?). The plan that the headmaster has come up with involves Viktoria basically framing Mr. Manning for a sexual crime. Without hesitation Viktoria agrees to this misguided plot, and fulfills one final request that the headmaster asks of her. The request of course is none other than that of sex.

The first half of the sexual encounter is spent entirely on the chair that is located in the office area that the two performers are in. Viktoria lies on her back on top of the chair's back as the male performer continuously pounds away at her in the missionary position. What's odd about this scene is that shortly after beginning the male performer shoots his load across Viktoria's pussy leaving me thinking that this was one heck of a quick scene. To my surprise the guy keeps on going as the two explore other sex positions (doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spooning). After pounding at her for an extended amount of time the male performer shoots yet another load that's a little less solid than the last. It was an interesting way to end the scene, but I can't say it was all that good.


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There was something very odd about this dvd that didn't immediately make sense to me. As I started up the dvd it did not show the signature Marc Dorcel intro, but instead a "Harmony" one. Aside from that the fact that the title of the movie was actually "Young Harlots Sex Athletics" was even more of a shock. It wasn't until I looked closely at the dvd cover that it all made sense. Underneath Marc Dorcel's French description was the English title that I mentioned before. It seems to me that they'd make this more evident to consumers, but I guess it is what it is.

As far as the scenes go there were only a couple of scenes out of the five that really caught my attention. The one with Megan Coxxx in it was truly hilarious, and quite sexy as well. That scene alone is makes the dvd worth renting. As far as the other scene goes I was referring to Aleska Diamond's scene. She always goes the extra mile when it comes to performances, and in this particular scene it really paid off for her. The foursome was nothing but nonstop excitement, and the fact that it was a foursome made it all the more better. When it comes to rating this dvd I can't really recommend it. Only two of the scenes were noteworthy. With that being said though the dvd is still definitely worth renting, especially for the Megan Coxxx scene.

VERDICT: Rent It!!!


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