Blog Update 8/9/2012

Hi Ladies & Gents!

I have some very Awesome news. Adeline, Marc Dorcel's PR surprised me by sending two very sexy dvds for me to review. I didn't actually expect them to come this soon since she was busy, but it's always a pleasant surprise when I receive such a package. I went ahead, and put the titles of each dvd in the "Upcoming Reviews" section of this blog. I stuck with the French titles, but will likely go back and add English translations later. One of the dvds looks absolutely amazing, and features one of my most favorite female performers, Anna Polina. Anna is a very sexy lady with a unique look that will hold any guy's attention. I've actually reviewed several dvds that featured her in the past. I'm definitely looking forward to her performance in this film.

On a side note I have begun dealing with the main guy behind PurePlay Media, and should be able to bring you guys & gals reviews on a fairly constant basis. Speaking of which I have requested a couple of interesting European dvds from the contact, and should be getting them soon as well. One of the dvds is a reality based film where some lucky guys pay top dollar to get hooked up at Amsterdam's Red Light District. It looked exciting to me, and I figured it would be a nice change of subject matter. The other dvd features 9 Slovakian girls who look truly stunning. The dvd is primarily based on oral sex which is something that's always fun to view/review.

Well that is my update for now. I hope all of you are having an awesome time doing whatever you are doing. I also hope that you continue to show your support for this blog by continuing to visit on a regular basis. Until next time have awesome day & continue supporting the sexy world that is adult entertainment!

- Brad (OtakuDante) -


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