Blog Update 8/30/2012

Firs of all I want to apologize to you (my readers) for leaving you in the dark, and without anything new to read. I've been hard at work trying to secure some new material/dvds for review here on this blog. I believe I mentioned earlier that I would be working with a store/website owner over in Japan on bringing you guys something new. I'm glad to say that I've worked out the details with the owner of "J-List", and will be receiving some dvds soon. At least one of the dvds will be of the Japanese born fetish, "Bukkake". I'm sure most of you who are into adult entertainment have heard of the genre/fetish. Along with that I'll be getting a Cosplay sex dvd which might interest some of you, especially those who are into hentai/anime. Last, but not least I'll be getting a public sex dvd that is unlike anything you'll see here in the states. If it all works out I'll be able to bring more of these reviews to your attention.

As far as Marc Dorcel dvds go I have sent in my latest request today, and hope to get some vintage style dvds including a pin-up dvd, and a dvd full of various types of fetishes. If the contact is willing to I may also be getting the latest issue of Dorcel Magazine for review. Pure Play Media on the other hand is being slow processing my latest request, and I'm honestly not sure if/when I'll see those dvds. If they do send them I'll be getting the latest "Deep Throat This" dvd as well as a Comic Book based porn parody. That of course is up in the air at the moment.

Recently I got a request from a female reader who would like to see some lady friendly reviews on here. I do realize I cover mostly hardcore material, so I can definitely sympathize with that request. I told her through Twitter that I'd try my best to get some less hardcore dvds to review. I figure that there are at least some other female readers that feel the same way. I'll definitely do my best to supply reviews for both my hardcore, and softcore audience from now on.

Those are my updates for now. I have no plans of abandoning my work here anytime soon. I will try my hardest to post some new reviews soon. Thanks for your support! I hope you continue to visit this blog for reviews on the latest & greatest porn dvds that are currently available.

- Brad (OtakuDante) -


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about a lack of "lady-friendly" reviews, as a lady I quite enjoy the current format. Though, I can't say I read a lot of such blogs, I started with your gaming blog and check this one out as you update, but, for what it is worth, I like it. Thanks.

  2. @Anonymous:

    Thanks! I'm definitely glad to hear that you like the current format. I don't think it would hurt to include some "softcore" reviews though, just in case some readers are offended by the more hardcore material. With that being said, the format will still remain the same. I'm really glad that you like the blog it means a lot to me as a reviewer. You're quite welcome!


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