9 Sucking Slovakian Chicks (PRIVATE)

GENRE: Blowjob, Oral Sex, All Sex, Foreign, European

DIRECTOR: Uncredited


MSRP: $25.99 (http://www.adultdvdempire.com/1622107/best-of-9-sucking-slovakian-chicks-porn-movies.html)


LENGTH: 2 hrs. 15 mins.

AUDIO/VIDEO:The audio, and video in this dvd compilation seems to be a bit dated. Some of the scenes feature mediocre voice-overs while other feature older film quality making it look as if the scenes were gathered from VHS tapes, or that they were shot using less expensive equipment. When it comes to screen size most of the scenes were displayed in a widescreen ratio/format. One of them however was displayed in full screen. Overall it seemed to be a mixed batch of scenes from different sources. The good thing is it does seem that PRIVATE did at least try to polish things up.

CAST: Angel Dark, Gabriella Tchekan, Silvia Lancome, Claudia Rossi, Susie Diamond, Victoria (Czech), Sarah (Czech), Sandra (Slovak), Tony Ribas, J.P.X., Claudio Meloni, Denis Marti, Horst Baron, George Reno, Phil Holiday, Dennis, Clea


Scene 1: Angel Dark

This scene actually looked as if it belonged to a "Pirates of the Caribbean" porn parody. After the intro image featuring the lovely dark haired 'Angel Dark' was shown the scene was thrust into full-on pirate sex. Angel Dark was dressed in female pirate attire with her breasts hanging out of her white bustier. Alongside of her was a pirate looking fellow who was oddly reminiscent of "Jack Sparrow", and perhaps even "Captain Hook". The two of them stood in front of a fallen palm tree on a beach that also closely resembled the settings of the before mentioned film. Throughout the scene the pair of lustful looters did not move much from that spot as they engaged in hardcore sex.

As interesting as the costumes, and the backdrop were Angel Dark remained the focal point of this scene. She was a lovely lass with a killer body, and a nice large pair of breasts. While I heard nothing of her accent the male pirate definitely sounded of European descent. Aside from the physical attributes of Angel, her performance was also quite interesting. The two performers engaged in vaginal/anal doggystyle penetrations on, and around the fallen tree. At one point the male pirate even propped himself up against the tree as Angel rode him in the doggystyle position. Aside from doggystyle there wasn't much more in terms of position changes. I think that Angel did ride the male performer in the reverse cowgirl position though. In the end Angel tugged at the pirate's cock until his precious fluids erupted onto his own body. It wasn't the best of finishes, but at least Angel did sample the goods with her tongue, and mouth afterwards.

Scene 2: Sarah (Czech)

In a fashion similar to that of the first scene this one began with a male, and female performer propped up against a fallen tree on some beach somewhere. Sarah, who was obviously European in descent had her breasts hanging out of her bikini top as the scene began just as Angel had in the scene before. When I first saw this I was thinking to myself that this is very similar to the first scene. Regardless of that thought the scene turned out quite differently. The most significant difference of all though was Sarah. She was sporting what looked to a combination of cornrows, and dreadlocks. While her hairdo was a bit distracting, her body was even more so. She had a nice perky pair of breasts, as well as a nice round ass. Her body featured a perfect bronze tan that only added to her sexiness.

If you are a lady reading this then there was also eye candy included for you. The male performer of the scene wasn't bad looking at all. He was buff, and a little scruffy all over. With that being said the pair of performers definitely had great chemistry, and looked amazing together. The sex was truly hardcore, and in some ways mimicked the first scene as a lot of the sex took place on, and around nearby fallen trees/logs. The positions that were explored included doggystyle (anal/vaginal), missionary, and cowgirl/reverse cowgirl. I think the most impressive part of the scene though was the finish. After sucking her male partner until he came, Sarah continued sucking and deepthroating even though he was beyond spent. It was truly a sexy display to say the least.

Scene 3: Suzie Diamond

I think the director of this particular scene was going for the American cowboy/cowgirl theme. Both of the performers were Slovakian, so it puzzled me a bit as to what the director would try to make the scene this way. Regardless of the decision the scene was truly sexy on so many levels. Suzie wore her dark hair up in pigtails giving her a more homely, and country-like appearance which added to the already obvious theme of the scene. She was very slender for a female performer, and had no physical augmentations done to her body which I'm thankful for. As far as her accent goes you'll actually get to hear her speak some during the beginning of the scene. I always enjoy hearing European languages spoken, so this was a pleasant treat for me.

When it came down to the actual sex portion of the scene the performers were good at mixing things up. To begin with the pair treated each other to some noteworthy oral stimulation, and followed up with the occasional kiss. The first position explored was the spooning position. The couple laid down on a picnic blanket as they engaged in this more intimate of sex positions. After that things heated up as Suzie opted to ride her male partner in the cowgirl position. Both of the first two positions were of vaginal penetrations, and were quite exciting to watch. When Suzie got through with the riding her male partner mounted her in the doggystyle position, penetrating her anally. This intense display went on for a good while before the man of the scene was ready to shoot his load. In the end he managed to dismount just in time to shoot his cum into Suzie's open mouth, and onto her chin. It was a nice finish to an alright scene.

Scene 4: Silvia Lancome

This scene looked as if it were taken from an 80's adult soap opera. All of the female, and male participants were sporting looks from that era. What further added to this perception of mine was the fact that the scene began in the middle of a dialogue driven scenario that was reminiscent of a soap opera. In fact the male performer was having a conversation with the mistress of the bordello as the scene began. After he got through chatting with the mistress she led him to a curtained off area where Silvia was already entertaining another customer. Both Silvia, and the male customer/performer were engaged in some hardcore sex, and didn't seem to mind their guests intruding eyes. After talking to the mistress the lead male performer joined the pair of lustful lovers for an action packed threesome.

The sex is as you'd likely imagine it. The two male performers took turns about satisfying each end of Silvia. For the most part one male performer would do her doggystyle while the other let her suck, and deepthroat his cock. This act took up most of the scenes time giving little variation between positions. There was some vaginal, and anal switch-ups thrown in the mix, but that's about it. I think there might have also been some cowgirl riding, and some missionary style sex, but my memory is a little fuzzy on those details. As far as the finish goes it was rather good. Both men came at the same time across Silvia's face, and mouth as she lay on her back. Afterwards she spat the cum back out letting it ooze across her face, and did some playful licking upon the two male performers' swollen members. It was definitely one of the better endings on this dvd.

Scene 5: Victoria (Czech)

Victoria is one of those girls who has the full package going on. Like most of the previous girls on this dvd she was sporting dark hair, and had a signature Slovakian accent. She was beautiful from head to toe. Not only that but Victoria happened to be an amateur in this particular scene which always makes for some fun viewing. When the scene opened up the director was filming her from an upskirt point of view as she stood outside on the apartment balcony. He really seemed to like focusing on her ass a lot during the beginning of the scene. Not that that's a bad thing though. After a short interview (that I could hardly understand due to heavy accents) the director/performer decided to get it on with Victoria in a P.O.V. (point of view) porn shoot.

Almost immediately after having Victoria strip down to her birthday suit the male performer/director penetrated her vaginally in the doggystyle position. he basically skipped the initial foreplay, and got down to business. The two performers in this scene actually moved around a lot which is always a plus. Unfortunately though a majority of the scene was spent with Victoria riding her male partner in the cowgirl position. I also couldn't help but notice during my viewing that her ass was very close to the video camera for a significant portion of the scene. While I thought she had a perfect ass the close-ups just seemed to take away from the rest of her.

After each cowgirl riding session within the scene Victoria chose to do a little knob polishing with her mouth. It was definitely nice seeing the couple move around so frequently. The additional oral sex helped the scene to be more enjoyable. The two performers concluded the last part of their performance with some hardcore doggystyle on a nearby sofa, and one last cowgirl ride. Victoria ended up getting off of her partner just in time to allow him to shoot his cum all over her mouth. The finish was definitely good, but I think that Victoria's presence was the highlight of this scene.

Scene 6: Claudia Rossi

I have to say that this is one of the most bizarre porn shoots I've seen. It started off with what looked like some professional model pictures of Claudia, and ended up with a threesome in a bed that looked like an igloo. While the presentation was most certainly odd this scene was still a very enjoyable to watch. Claudia was quite the beautiful specimen, and was definitely easy on the eyes. She had her dark hair tied up in a ponytail, and even had some blue eye shadow on making her look like a fashion model. Her two lovers weren't half bad looking either, for guys.

As with any threesome involving a girl, and two guys this one was filled with lots and lots of hole stuffing. Throughout the scene the guys involved would take turns penetrating Claudia in various positions as well as have her suck their cocks from time to time. When it came to positions that were explored doggystyle was done more frequently than most. Some cowgirl riding, and even a double penetration were also thrown into the mix for good measure. In the end Claudia got down on her knees between the two muscular men she was with, and took a massive oral and facial cumshot from the both of them. Afterwards she went back, and forth between the two cocks sucking out the last bit of cum. Overall it was an unusual display to say the least, but it was an awesome scene regardless!

Scene 7: Gabriella Tchekan

This scene was a little too crazy for my tastes. The girl (Gabriella) of course was gorgeous, but the whole unmatched English voice-over thing made the scene seem like a joke. It was sort of like watching a Godzilla movie (no offense to my Japanese readers). Even Gabriella had her crazy issues going on. During part of the scene she seemed to be dazed by the whole sexual encounter, and actually began the scene casually sucking her male partners cock as if it were a lollipop. I have no problem with that at all, but later on when she was tossing her head from side to side like a crazy person as she rode in the reverse doggystyle position. I got the impression that this girl must be stoned out of her mind or something. It actually looked sort of comical.

While the sex seemed to be half serious I did enjoy the fact that a good portion of the scene was spent with Gabriella sucking cock. The remainder of the scene fairly much encompassed only about three different positions. The first position the couple engaged in was missionary. After that they enjoyed some anal doggystyle followed by some reverse cowgirl riding. In the end Gabriella quickly jumped off of her partner's rod, and got down on her knees in front of him at the nearby swimming pool. The facial finish wasn't impressive at all. I could barely tell the man had even came. This scene just did not do anything for me.

Scene 8: Clea

Now this is what I'm talking about! This scene was 100% blowjob material. It's the kind of scene I thought this entire dvd would be about. Sadly I was mistaken though. The girl of this particular scene (Clea) was a stunningly beautiful redheaded Slovakian. She had light green eyes that only added to this sexiness. Her appearance in general definitely made the close-up P.O.V. shots throughout the scene all the more enjoyable. One thing that also made this scene stand out from the rest, aside from the fact it was a BJ only scene, was the location. When the scene began Clea was sitting on a bathroom toilet with her panties down to her thighs. It was an interesting image that I wasn't expecting to see. After a matter of a few seconds Clea was joined by a man who just waltzed right into the bathroom, and stood beside her. She quickly pulled down his pants, and began sucking.

Clea used a wide array of stimulation techniques that included her mouth, tongue, hands, and even her breasts. You can probably imagine what I'm talking about. As far as specific techniques go she did a lot of dick-in-cheek sucking as well as gave her male partner a titjob on a couple of random occasions. Most of this was recorded with an in-your-face perspective that was a little too invasive in nature. Clea's face was certainly the focal point for at least 90% of the scene as a result. As far as performance goes I think Clea did an awesome job, and in the end she was rewarded with a nice, thick oral cumshot. If the rest of the scenes had been totally BJ oriented like this one things would have been alright.

Scene 9: Sara

The possibilities of porn scenarios seem to be endless, and in some cases half-assed. In this particular scene there was a milf looking girl (Sara) who was outside her house holding a water hose. This seems innocent doesn't it? Well guess again. After standing there for a brief moment of standing there cluelessly this blonde haired vixen was joined by two older looking men who took notice of her. One of them walked up to her, and casually took the water hose from her hand and hosed her down with it. The two pervs then commenced fucking her six ways from Sunday in the spot where she was previously standing.

The men engaged in all sorts of positions with Sara often times double penetrating her in the process. At one point one of the larger men was leaning across her back as he did her doggystyle while the other was penetrating her from underneath. Throughout the whole ordeal Sara seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the attention. She was very submissive allowing each of the men to do with her as they pleased. There was plenty of anal, and vaginal penetrations included within this scene along with the many different threesome oriented positions. What was most interesting of all though was the slow motion double-takes of the final cumshots. You don't see that very often in porn videos. I guess that sort of thing gives a viewer the time to finish what they were doing (if you know what I mean?).


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When I first saw the title of this dvd I thought it might be a good oral sex dvd. I'm all for that sort of thing since it is my favorite genre of porn. Unfortunately I found out the hard way that this dvd was less about sucking cock, and more about penetrative sex. In a way the title was very misleading. With that being said though this is not the first time I have reviewed a dvd that is not what the title suggested. As far as the sex goes most of it was just alright. Nothing really stood out as noteworthy in this dvd presentation except for a handful of the girls including Claudia Rossi, Victoria, and Clea. Those girls definitely deserved some praise for their performances, and their sexy looks. Overall I think this dvd is worth at least renting. If you have some money to spare though, and like the ladies of Europe as I do then this has some noteworthy content that might just suit your collection.

VERDICT: Recommended!!!


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